Choose books instead of toilet paper!

We’re ‘locked up’ in our houses. Our plans like paused for unspecified periods. For businessmen and workers it is ‘zeroing’ of many achievements, work processes, plans, etc. All of these developments remind me of three non-fiction books. The main thoughts of these books are intertwined and turn around the key one – what’s happening now.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb “Black Swan”

Unpredictable events that surprise and sharply change world called “the black swan”. Active using this phrase in social context began Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He is an American essayist, writer, statistician, and former trader. He is scientifically working on the analyzing effects of random and unpredictable events on the global economy and stock trading, as well as the mechanisms for trading derivative financial instruments. In 2007, the book “Black Swan” was published, which became a bestseller and brought Nassim Nicholas Taleb world fame. I read this book before the quarantine. Despite the fact that the ‘black swans’ are unpredictable, I guessed about what will be the next?  Frankly, I wish I hadn’t found out. There are standards, which define a black swan. Firstly, the event is unexpected (for an expert). Secondly, the event has significant consequences. Thirdly, after the offensive, in retrospect, the event has a rationalistic explanation, as if the event was expected. I believe that coronavirus is a real black swan. So, here’s what happens to confirm ideas from the author’s book. People have a deep and abiding interest to theorize and impose reasons. Nassim Nicholas Taleb “The Black Swan” book helps to get off our high horses.

Klaus Martin Schwab “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

I really believe that this black swan will accelerate the mass introduction of cybernetic systems in production and daily life. Forecasting changes outlined by the German economist and founder of the World Economic Forum Klaus Martin Schwab in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The author does not talk just about plans. There is information about technology that couldn`t be everywhere yet (due to cost or complexity).  I found an amazing technology in this book that inspired me. Blimey! For example, in 2014, doctors from Peking University Third Hospital successfully implanted a vertebra created using 3-D printing technology for a young patient. They are replacing a cancerous vertebra on his neck due to 3-D printing technology. That was six years ago. It’s hard to imagine (but you can find out) how far the 3-D printing technology has advanced. The book inspires not to stand still, to be interested in opportunities and to use scientific discoveries with universal benefit.

Dan Ariely “ Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Because of self-isolation, many people have become active users of gadgets, food delivery, programs, etc. Finally, the whole world has discovered the all-powerful Internet. It turns out that negotiations can be online and it is not necessary going off to the other side for business meetings. The online course content could be doubtful. This is all an irrational idea that, if you paid, you should get something material. People have to pay for a boring textbook. The subject of human irrationality is well disclosed in Dan Ariely`s book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions”. Dan Ariely – Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He scientifically considers the causes, patterns and consequences of irrational behavior of people. You could discover something new about marketing, consumerism, and psychology.

I hope you will add new useful items to your quarantine list. I advise you to use the omnipresent Internet and free time to your benefit. Stay home and take care of yourself.

They say that in Germany people prepare for the coronavirus crisis by stocking up with sausage and cheese, in China with toilet paper, in the USA with frozen dinners, as for Ukraine, I guess the best option is literature and smart books. Am I right?

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