What to buy at the store in the quarantine? (Listen to your Gigi!)

Rule#1. In the questions of your daily diet, your grandmother is always right.
Rule#2. If your Grandma is wrong, see rule#1.

The diet should reflect the situation in which we are, and influence the immune system. It is very important to have an anti-stress effect. Of course, in conditions of self-isolation, we want more and more often to throw ourselves into the arms of the refrigerator, and this is a big mistake. Because physical activity is certainly lower than in ordinary life. In quarantine, dietitians recommend resuming training and returning to a normal lifestyle. Accustom yourself to new habits, educate yourself on new rules. Golden time should be used to your advantage. In quarantine, when stress is increased, it is necessary to reduce the number of food intake and replace part of the snacks with herbal tea, preferably with an anti-stress effect: chamomile, mint, lemon balm.

It is better to abandon the so-called “healthy bars” because this is an exceptionally additional chance to raise insulin in the body. But when we raise the blood sugar level, as a result, kilograms stick to us. Replace snacks with teas, and you will be allowed to go. And do not forget about water: if the weight is normal, drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day.

We live in a state of increased stress and cortisol levels in people are constantly growing. If you don`t know, coffee increases this level. During quarantine, carefully reduce your dose: instead of 5 cups, go to 2-3, from 2-3 to 1.

At least a day without coffee, consider a small victory and contribution to health.

By the way, green tea also contains caffeine. Therefore, the best drink is warm water or herbal tea.

The best source of vitamins is not fruits, but vegetables. It is no secret that strengthens blood vessels and helps to resist viral infections of vitamin C. And fruits are not a leader in this regard. Pay special attention to rose hips, green vegetables, kiwi and citrus fruits. Lemon, ginger, and garlic are the three that will help you fight the virus effectively. Try to keep these products on your table daily.

In addition to vitamin C, which is the most relevant now, we need protein. These are eggs, fish, Adyghe cheese. Try to keep fish and eggs daily in your diet. It is important to alternate proteins with each other. For a good immune defense, a balanced diet is important; you should not go only to vegetables and buckwheat or fruits. It is important that you get everything. These are nuts, avocados, olives, and the right carbohydrates.

In addition to cereals, it is worth buying oils – olive, cream, and even a piece of bacon (this is a useful product if you do not go too far with a dosage). Buy 30 eggs, frozen vegetables, berries, and fish (especially mackerel, white, and redfish). In a force majeure situation, canned food will come to the rescue, such as tuna in its own juice. Well, do not neglect grandmother spins 🙂

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