What to do during emotional instability?

If you are experiencing emotional instability, this text can help you.

I know that most of us are in an emotionally unstable state right now – that’s perfectly normal. We are living in difficult war times. The brain cannot withstand the constant wave of negative news, anxiety and worry, so there can be big mood swings. From panic to complete peace and again. Here are some tips that turned out be effective for me and can help you too:

• If you are more or less at home, try to turn on your favorite tracks, films and make your favorite tea/coffee. This will help you get a little distracted;
• Try to remember the warmest and best memories of your life: a trip to the sea with friends, a cheery picnic, childhood moments, your school graduation, a trip to your favorite country, whatever. I think everyone will definitely have such a memory. But it is important to perceive this nostalgia not as something distant, which may never happen again, but something hearty and unforgettable, which warms your soul and gives you the warmth that is so lacking now;
• Don`t forget your old buddies and folks. Good and deep-felt, funny and up-front conversations can inspire you to forget all troubles;
• Constantly remind yourself that everything bad always changes for the better. Life is indeed like a zebra. So good times will come and will come soon!
• You can also find or have already found a way to calm you down. If you have already found it, you can share it in the comments.
Remember, we will soon be rebuilding our places of happy people with you! Everything will be Ukraine!

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