What To Do if Quarantine Trapped You In The House?

In Ukraine, it’s the third week of quarantine and if you have time except for remote work and studying – you are lucky. But what to do? This first time, when many of us can’t go to the favorite coffee shop or go on a walk with friends. Therefore, I thought why not create a to-do list? And to name it like…

To-do list if you are bored

  1. Watch related movies. I strongly recommend watching “Contagion” (2011). It`s about the virus, which was firstly found in China and then it spreads around the world. Does it sound familiar to you?
  2. Watch TV-show about our possible future. It`s ideal time to imagine what will be next, isn’t it? “Black Mirror” and “Years and years” are excellent choices. Both of them are about politics, innovative technology, and future people.
  3. Play board games. In the present circumstances you can finally read the rules to those long and intense board games you’ve never played with the family. Invite your family to play. Launch a war in your house, but only in board games.
  4. Take a bubble bath. All of us wanted to do that for a long time – to have enough time to relax in the bath and watch a film or read a book (But be careful!!) To make it greater add a glass of delicious wine.
  5. Find new hairstyles. Learn how to braid via tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest. Even if you are a boy. Really, you’ll not get a new haircut until the end of quarantine, so… Why not?
  6. Clean your gallery. We never have time for this and our phones barely work but we never clean our galleries. You can finally do this!
  7. Draw your family’s tree. You are trapped inside the house with your parents and relatives, so use them! Ask them about your grannies and grannies of your grannies. You can create a perfect family tree online or in Paint but do this!
  8. Plan what to do when you will be free. Make lists of all the museums, shops, cultural events and concerts you sincerely want to visit when they finally reopen. Generate this list as long as you can. Ask your family or friends to help. Meet with them via Skype and make great plans for your glorious future.

This list can be as long as you want it to be. Try something new, don’t forget that quarantine isn’t a pleasant vacation and wash your hands!

April 10,  2019

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