What to wear for an interview: 10 things that say everything…

We all know that we are greeted by clothes and escorted by the mind. But at the interview, the appearance has not a fewer role than the internal content, and partly it reveals it. And before you start the story about yourself, you have to arrange potential employers with their appearance. I picked up 10 things in a modern business style that can help you with this.

Do not forget, before you get to the bottom of the matter and get to your professional skills and strong qualities, the potential employer will have to evaluate the external presentation. Help yourself and him: say for yourself everything you have to say at the interview, using clothes, accessories, makeup, and styling. But do not forget to observe the rules of decency and know the measure.

Especially the sense of proportion must be remembered when considering images from shows. You can start adapting ideas from the catwalks to everyday life if you already have a stable job, but for an interview it is better to choose proven solutions, abandoning too harsh statements. You still have time to make them.

Yes, most likely in ordinary life you don’t often wear a button-down shirt, but in an interview it will look appropriate. Regardless of whether your future place of work implies the most stringent dress code or any relief is possible. In both cases, the blue shirt will look best.

For an interview (if this is not some specific profession), you should not come with small bags. They are designed for a free lifestyle and evening entertainment. Indicate your solidity by choosing a high-quality leather bag that can hold documents and possibly a computer. Fortunately, modern brands have finally begun to appear and beautiful laptop bags.

If the desired position goes beyond the most rigorous business dress code and involves a healthy share of creativity (say, your profession is a coach, psychologist, marketing specialist), then instead of ordinary trousers you can choose trousers with straps. If you’re not sure and afraid that HR will be in a suit buttoned all the way, put a jacket on top.

A white trouser suit is a win-win option if you need to stand out from other job seekers. For example, the desired position does not imply an official dress code, but along with your own talent you need to declare your seriousness and accuracy. A white suit will be as effective as possible. You can even combine it with a T-shirt, if your work is really creative, but sneakers that fit perfectly into the everyday life of a white suit, for an interview, we would advise you to replace it with concise (or futuristic) ankle boots.

High-heeled shoes, we recommend a stylish, pointed pair with strappy straps. Firstly, it will deny your frivolity, secondly, it will indicate a dynamic lifestyle, thirdly, it will indicate good taste and awareness in the latest trends. And this did not bother any of the applicants.

When choosing a kit for an interview (and for work in general), try to avoid unnecessary details. The fewer elements distract the eye, the more accurate and collected the image seems. And do not overdo it with a length or a fit – the skirt can be either slightly higher (no more than a palm, and preferably half a palm), or below the knee. Cut – semi-adjacent or A-shaped.

But if suddenly your life is not sweet without dresses above the knee, be sure to choose a calm shade, long sleeves, and a closed neckline. An excellent effect is given to collars with a “cat bow” — such were loved, for example, by Margaret Thatcher. And do not forget to complement the dress with dense black tights to avoid any hint of a naked body. Your dress code does not involve black tights? Then discard the dress above the knee in favor of a midi model.

It’s possible that business “women’s” bags are not yours at all. Then you should think about a backpack. No, not ordinary hiking, but leather or suede, looking like a good briefcase, but it should be equipped with leather straps. An extra handle to carry the satchel sometimes like a bag will be a plus.

Still decided to play all-in and choose a white blouse? If your dream job involves softness and femininity, you can stop on models with a small bow under their throats. If you don’t need to impress that you are a graduate of the Institute of Noble Maidens, opt for laconic models of dense fabric with a hard collar.

Oxfords or brogues with thick soles come in handy if you need to go for an interview in the cold season. Well, not with boots or hiking boots to combine a pantsuit, right? A classic pair of good skin without unnecessary elements will last you five, or even ten years, and it will also save you in situations where there is absolutely nothing to wear. Tested on my own experience.

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