What will the world be like after the pandemic? Five predictions from Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is confident that the coronavirus pandemic will radically change the approach to work and communications. The powerful entrepreneur foresaw a total of five changes that await humanity after the covid:

  1. Online meetings will become the norm. The businessman believes that the pandemic has greatly changed our perception of communication. It turned out that you can solve business issues and hold meetings online. He believes that online communication will not only affect business meetings but also it is likely that online training or a visit to the doctor will become the norm.
  2. Software will start to grow faster. Many aspects of life will be transferred to the virtual world, and therefore, the software for these needs will have to change.
  3. Company offices will become more universal. Because most workflows will be handled remotely, companies will no longer need large offices. This, in turn, will affect the real estate market. It is possible that several companies will be able to occupy one office. 4. People will not want to live in big cities. Because it will be possible to work remotely, people will stop trying to live in big cities.
  4. People will start to communicate less with colleagues, but more – with friends. The businessman believes that the number of working contacts will decrease, so people will seek to communicate with friends and relatives.

And what is your attitude to these predictions of Bill Gates?

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