When Chimes Strike

(Christmas story)

It was at Christmas. Two men smoked their cigarettes, while the snow kept falling. They were talking about the winter holidays.

“For me, the New Year is associated with a taste of tangerines, red wine, and, of course, the Christmas tree. What about you?

“Hmm,” the second man plunged in his thoughts. “Maybe, it sounds silly but for me, it associates with the sound of chimes and fireworks.”

Their chit-chat was interrupted by a radio message.

“Artillery crew, this is HQ, did you hit the enemy in sector ‘Charlie’, over?”

“Hear you well and clear. Yes, Sir! Over,” one man said.

“You have a new order, attack enemy position in sector ‘Bravo’, over,” the radio voice ordered.

“Yes, Sir. 10-4, over and out!”

Both men started preparing their artillery cannon to shoot.

“Man, I love this sound. It is the sound of Christmas,” said the man who loved the sound of chimes and fireworks.

“That’s why you serve in the artillery, Sergeant,” his companion Senior Sergeant answered. Frankly speaking, I would prefer Green Berets units.

And the artillery shells and bursts rushed to new positions.

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