When Good Intentions Lead to The Worst


Do you know Albert Einstein? Of course, you do! This is that weirdo with disheveled hair who shows his tongue in one of his photos. But what would you think about him if you found out that… he was the creator of an atomic bomb?

In 1905, Einstein published the theory of relativity. Without a doubt it changed the understanding of physics and provided wide opportunities for the realization of the most innovative and bold ideas. This seemed like another breakthrough in science. From that moment, birds had to sing more beautifully and the sun had to shine brighter, but…

In 1938, the group of scientists applied the theory of relativity, split the uranium atom and got a huge amount of energy. Scientists suggested that the more uranium could produce an extremely destructive explosion. At this point bloodthirsty militarists interested in this and immediately began to develop nuclear weapons.

As a humanist, Einstein was seriously concerned that such weapons could end up in the hands of obsessed Nazis. He wrote a letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt in which he warned of Germany intentions and the destructive potential of the atomic bomb. Franklin decided to join the dark side and began to develop the bomb too.

Germany was lucky to lose the war earlier than Japan. It held out long enough for the Americans to construct two atomic bombs. They decided to show the world their strength. In 1945, two Japanese cities (first Hiroshima and then Nagasaki) were turned into radioactive cemeteries… Uncle Sam’s caprice cost the lives over than 250,000 people.

Einstein felt guilty about this, because it was his laws that formed the basis of nuclear weapons and it was his letter that initiated the development of the atomic bomb in the United States. Unfortunately, for the scientist after the World War II, this problem became even more serious. Soviet Union invented and tested its atomic bomb. Then the tensest confrontation in human history began.

Einstein tried his best to atone for his guilt. He actively opposed military conflicts, nuclear weapons and was for reconciliation between peoples. However, neither the White House nor the Kremlin listened to the voice of reason.

So, good intentions and the idea of ​​serving science played a cruel joke on Einstein. They doomed hundreds of thousands to death and hundreds of millions to fear of tomorrow.

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