When I Dislike Somebody…

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When I really dislike someone, I always say to myself: “People are different. For some, this is the most beloved person. Husband, son or brother … And someone loves him, kisses, hugs… And then that I don’t like him doesn’t make him bad”.

I learned this lesson at one event for women.

The event was motivational, everyone shared success stories.

There were women on the stage who were just about to perform. They were all beautiful, made up, in heels, wound.

You can see right away – people were getting ready.

And not only prepared – but also worried. Almost every story began with the phrase that she was very nervous, and for her to speak publicly was stress.

The hall exploded with applause. Everyone wanted to support the speakers.

The girls on the stage were not professional speakers – they were ordinary women who managed to do something in life, and they wanted to share it with others.

They told stories about how they did not break down after the bankruptcy of a company or after a devastating divorce, how they developed a business with small children in their arms, how the problems of an avalanche washed them out of the way, and they found a way out.

I sat in the hall, listening with all my heart.

I liked everyone sitting on the stage, except for one.

She was cold, detached and … satiated. On her face was read such … arrogant fatigue.

It looked like she was forced to speak, and she condescended.

She was dressed … unusually. Jeans, sneakers, t-shirt. No decorations. I walk with my children and my windows, and on the stage I need a costume and solidity, don’t I?

Very thin with a fashionable short haircut, she looked like a man among the flower garden.

She looked at her watch all the time. The event categorically did not fit into the timing.

I sat in the hall and was angry at her, I just wanted to shout to her: “Yes, go, go, where you are in a hurry, don’t worry others …”

After each story of other friendly and smiling women, I felt a desire to come up, hug them, ask something, support, express my admiration. It seemed to me that I was not clapping loudly enough, and my personal applause was not enough for them to understand how I like them.

I was filled with motivation on the top of my head, it seemed to me that I understood everything, experienced insight, I caught happiness, and I wanted to jump in and run into my life to test this happiness in practice.

And only this woman in jeans spoiled everything, all the time I stumbled over this snow queen …

And so she takes the microphone. Almost pulls it out of the hands of the previous speaker. I’m even a little ashamed of her…

And then she says:

“I made another speech. About how I was able to drive my small business into a big one with my twins in my arms. But I do not have time to tell it, I have to go to kindergarten, for the children. But since we have an event here about motivation, I’ll add a pinch of mine.

You know, today I have my first appearance without a wig. They found oncology, my hair fell out after chemistry, I was completely bald, almost a year and a half, and I was shy about it. I wore a wig, my hair grew weird, in buns, it looked terrible. And now in remission.. And now my hair has grown quite synchronously … And yesterday for the first time after … what I experienced, I went to the hairdresser. Trim. This is not a hairstyle, of course, a haircut is simple but after all … After all, this is only the beginning. It’s so easy for the head … And it’s not hot … – she smiled, so movingly, so honestly, so sincerely. My tears flowed, and she continued. – I thought it was the perfect event to go out for the first time like this … with your head uncovered. Some kind of appeal is needed, probably at the end. I have two of them. Fight for life. And enjoy it.”

She gave the microphone to the presenter, easily jumped off the stage, smiled at us, and ran away, not even listening to how deafening and tearful the hall applauded her.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even clap.

It was at that time the best motivational speech in my life.

And the bonus is a terrific lesson that everything can be completely different than it seems.

Because the world … The world is better than we think about it.

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