When is the best time to do yoga?


I want to share my experience and observations, and then you will make a choice for yourself when it would be convenient for you to practice.
Let’s go!


This is the most difficult time to put yourself on the mat, yes, but in my opinion the most productive. After all, how you start the day so you will spend it! Yes, in the morning the body does not stretch as much as in the afternoon, and the power muscles are not so flexible, the body has not yet warmed up, but this is a great opportunity to cheer up and wake up. Especially if before practice you make a vacuum of the abdomen on an empty stomach to start the metabolism.


By noon, the body is sufficiently warmed up and all asanas will be felt differently. If in the morning the practice is given to me with difficulty, then in the daytime, it no longer requires such efforts. In the modern world, most people can find time for sports either early in the morning before work / study, or in the evening after a working day. And perhaps, for many, this is not the most convenient time. I agree, because during the day I want to do mental things, not physical ones.

🌜 Evening

Yoga in the evening for me is the best end of the day. A set of exercises, especially stretching, helps relieve tension, relax, and calm the mind. After practice, I will have a sound and healthy sleep.

You can practice yoga at different times of the day, compare the sensations and then choose the most convenient and comfortable time for yourself.

And when do you like and most conveniently do yoga? Share it in the comments; it’s very interesting to know 

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