Where does ‘dream’ end and ‘goal’ begin?

Each of us is a dreamer. We meet our dreams in deep childhood. Making wishes, writing letters to Santa Claus on New Year’s Eve with a request to fulfill the most cherished dream, blowing off the eyelash from your palm, and quietly whispering about the innermost.

Leaving from childhood to adulthood, we take part in our dreams` realization. An adult, like a child, can allow himself to be in a dream and imagine the ideal life as he would like to see it. Despite the fact that an adult has the right to dream, his desires should be close to the goal. Indeed, there are serious differences between a dream and a goal.

A dream will remain an unattainable desire if it is not turned into a goal. You can endlessly reflect on how it would be great to buy a big house and have two dogs, go on a worldwide trip, or maybe become a famous scientist or the richest person in the world. As long as thoughts about this are within the dreams, they will not be a step closer to the goal. A dreamer may dream but this will not help him achieve what he wants while he sits in front of the TV screen.

A person who is able to turn his dreams into a goal that will get what he wants. His dream ends exactly at the moment when he takes the first tiny steps, to realize it. Then, when there is already the slightest plan to achieve a dream, when many means of achieving it have been considered when a person has decided not to back down in any way, at that very moment the dream ceases to be a dream, but becomes a goal. Only after passing through each of these steps, you can stop blindly dreaming and begin to act.

It’s strange, but many adults do not really see the difference between two different concepts. But it’s obvious that it’s not possible to achieve something by simply wanting to do it. Another thing is when a person changes his desire in favor of intention and goes ahead towards the goal, despite fears and difficulties. It is already difficult to call such a person simply a dreamer.

The concepts of “dream” and “goal” are not synonymous with each other. Between them, there are clear distinctions and differences. Each of us needs to learn how to separate one concept from another. And then all our dreams will come true after they become achievable goals.

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