Where the minutes run

(аdventure essay)

Everything will end with my reflections on the transience of time. But it all starts with how he wakes up. He feels that it is time for his body to get up. But it still lies. More precisely, it moves with very slow, neat crawls to the end of the bed. He’s on the battlefield now. He needs to be impossibly vigilant and shamelessly hardy. He is a soldier trying to escape an enemy attack. He realizes that if Commander Dream grabs him, he will torment him with a variety of nightmares. He often has nightmares in the morning. Therefore, he tries to escape by falling into an insurmountable abyss. Better so. He crawls to the edge. Knocks off and … falls to the floor.

This is how my nephew wakes up in the morning.

Next breakfast is scheduled. Banal outdated stories about “see which airplane is flying, open your mouth and do it” do not work with him. Everything is much more interesting here. He is a professional archaeologist who has traveled many countries in search of the great secrets of history. This time he has to overcome the dangerous expedition “Oatmeal with fruits.” What if he is allergic to some new fruit? And so the list of wrong products is already full enough. But you still need to be persistently brave. He knows that a reward awaits him at the bottom of the plate. He quickly digs up the porridge, sometimes finding precious stones from pieces of fruit. But he knows he can’t stop there. And so. The end. The last spoon. What’s at the bottom? Drawing of a favorite character from a favorite cartoon.

This is how my nephew tries to eat.

Oh no! The grandmother robber bursts into the room and is trying to take the valuable T-shirt to the wash! It is necessary to restore justice for dirty clothes. He takes his incredibly small car and drives it at all speeds to the scene of the crime. Without forgetting to scream “VIU VIU POLICE”. On the elastic band of home shorts, a flashlight always flaunts, which gets an important mission in every adventure. Now it’s a pistol. The robber tries to escape from justice behind the bathroom doors. We need to prevent this! He turns on the flashlight a bunch of times, playing several shots at the criminal. At the same time, a reinforcement brigade is flying. Mom comes to the aid of the grandmother, who takes his attention to give the woman a quiet wash.

This is how my nephew involves the whole family in his entertainment.

Need to eat again. For some reason, you can’t immediately start tea with cookies. First you need to eat the soup. The sports competition begins. At the first stage, he jumps from one potato to another. Next, you need to show several tricks on the carrot bar until mom gives a click. Well, nothing, nothing. He will still show everyone! Right now he has a new assignment. Pick up two pieces of meat with one spoon. He does it without difficulty and is in a hurry to prove himself in other types of lunch sports. Throwing dill at his grandfather brings him special pleasure. The grandfather supports his challenge and then mom gives a click to both. And the last task. Use a spoon to swim across the broth. Aaaaaaaand. He wins first place! Today he is in a good mood to defeat the soup.

This is how my nephew dines.

What dreams he might have, I think you can imagine. After having a delicious dinner, you should take some nap. Especially after such an active lunch.

Then I come and we watch cartoons. Can you imagine? Just cartoons. And just a bunch of games that he invents for himself, performs in different roles and moods. I just have to sit and enjoy. How he thinks it over, understands, delves into, finds ways out of situations. And of course he tells how his day went before my arrival.

He is only 4. With this thought I come. He is already 4. With this thought I leave. I watch him for 5 minutes, and I am afraid of what will happen to him in the future. I will watch him for 25 minutes, and I am glad what will happen to him in the future. It’s so close. Isn’t it?

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