Where to go in Croatia?

In August, Europe flows slowly into the Adriatic Sea. Many kilometers of traffic jams are at the entrances to all Croatian customs passes. All hotels are in good condition. The longest coastline on the continent, the clear and pure water of the Adriatic Sea, world-famous beauties, relatively reasonable prices and the Slavic mentality. Croatia is a pan-European health resort, but it is better to go there in September.

Dubrovnik. Ask any Croat what tourist attraction is in the first place in his country, and, without a doubt, it will be Dubrovnik. Luxurious, lively and very atmospheric. The most beautiful and most expensive city in Croatia, and indeed – the pearl of the Adriatic. When you build a route, put everything else aside for later – go to Dubrovnik, it’s cool! Of course, it is better in April and October, or start tours at 7-8 o’clock in the morning – the city suffers from an influx of tourists. This year it was even called the most “Instagram” place in Europe (in second place – Iceland, followed by Scotland). Also, the tourist flow in the city has grown significantly after its appearance in the series “Game of Thrones”, where Dubrovnik “played” the Royal Harbor.

Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes is a natural business card of Croatia and a constant participant in ratings such as “100 most beautiful places on the planet” or “The most beautiful national parks in Europe.” 16 large and many small lakes, as well as 20 caves are beautiful at any time of year, autumn and winter, perhaps even more picturesque. For a day, these 217 hectares can not be bypassed, so there is a good reason to come back again, or buy a two-day ticket. Included in the UNESCO list. After Dubrovnik, it is, of course, the Croatian number two. This means that there will not be much fewer tourists here. Of course, the fragile ecosystem of the national park is easily disturbed by tourist hordes, so visiting is limited by a large number of logical prohibitions: you are just unable to swim, to have picnics, to approach the water.. You are to walk only on wooden floors, ride only on eco-transport national park – Paid parking is far away in the woods.

Croatian islands. We say “Croatia”, we primarily mean the sea and islands. The country has as many as 1,185 islands, 672 of which are uninhabited, and all without exception are beautiful: lavender fields, olive groves, aquamarine floodplains and lots of sun. A very popular attraction is to charter a yacht and walk between them – many offers and a famous type of recreation, even among those who have no idea about such leisure.

Croatia is a cool place to relax, for families, for friendly companies, or even alone. This is a very emotional place where you can gain strength spiritually and morally.

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