Where To Read About Books? Four Thematic Ukrainian Sites

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  1. LitAccent

LitAkcent is a whole world of modern literature, which has been operating since 2007 under the slogan “Truth is as bitter as it is sweet!”

It publishes reviews and reviews of Ukrainian-language original and translated publications, reports on events, interviews with personalities who create the literary process and columns of those who influence its course.

A separate area is informative: thematic news, announcements and the ‘Book of the Day’ section. The site has its own book award ‘LitAccent of the Year’ with the famous nomination-anti-award “Golden Bubble.”

At one time LitAccent organized visits of foreign authors to Ukraine: for example, Judit Hermann and Mileta Prodanovych visited here at the invitation of the site.

And now the resource continues the tradition of going offline: a series of discussions about current literature, meetings of the reading club, a summer studio for teenagers.

  1. Chitomo

Chitomo is a cultural and publishing project. Founded as a private initiative by Oksana Khmelovska and Iryna Baturevych, still enthusiastic students at the time, this site has now become one of the leading resources for book publishing, and its founders are well-known publishing managers.

Responsiveness of reaction is one of the advantages of Chitomo, blogs and comments of those involved in a certain event, a showcase of novelties for the Book Arsenal and the Publishers’ Forum, abstracts of interesting lectures and public speeches always appear here.

Now it is an important platform that consistently covers the publishing side of the Ukrainian and world book process, paying attention not only to private initiatives, but also to state institutions – from the Book Chamber to libraries.

A separate section is Kazkarka, a blog about children’s literature that has joined Chitomo; its content is still supervised by children’s writers and critics Valentyna Vzdulska and Oksana Lushchevska.

  1. BaraBuka

Ukrainian children’s book space, the most visible and large-scale Ukrainian site about children’s books.

It has everything: reviews of Ukrainian and foreign publications, interviews with writers, book reviews, and stories about world trends. It is important that the rubricating on the site provides for the distribution of books also by age categories.

Relevant information resources, bookstores, awards, biographical references about writers, etc. are cataloged in the “Handbook” section.

BaraBuka pays great attention to education: offers schools the organization of events with writers; there is also a section Crib for teachers, which will help teachers to be modern, navigate the latest books and updates to the school program.

  1. Yakaboo Blog

Blog Yakaboo – Book blog online store Yakaboo.ua. Not only books can be purchased on Yakaboo, but the blog is dedicated to book topics.

This is an assortment of author’s materials written especially for this resource, and a selection of the most interesting articles from all over the book’s Internet space.

The intensively updated prefabricated brine, together with the regular “News Digest of the Week” and, of course, the essential hyperlinks to the relevant positions in the online bookstore, looks quite effective.

Here you can search for ‘something-I-don’t-know-what’ and buy it right away; and you can just stick for a few hours in the endless top 5, dozens of interesting facts, lists of novelties and literary news.

This is a great opportunity for procrastination (and at the same time – the opportunity not to choose profile reviews on foreign sites). If anyone is interested in the subjective impressions of the editor of the site, then please, dear to you on the personal reading blog of Ksenia Riznyk Etazherka.

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