Whiskey Miracle

(humorous story)

I stopped at my favorite bar after a hard University day just to relax. I noticed a weird bearded man next to me who ordered a shot of whiskey and a beer.

The bearded man drank the shot, chased it with the beer and then looked into his shirt pocket. This continued several times before my curiosity got the best of me. I leaned over to the Halloween faced man and said, “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your little ritual, why do you look into your shirt pocket every time you drink your shot and beer”? The prick flick man with a slasher smile replied, “There’s a picture of my hyphey wifey in there, and when she starts lookin’ good, I’m going home!”

I don`t know how it happened but the photo of his binky boo lady did not ‘look good’ for two hours…We got drunk like two Irish Dockers…He turned into a Sugar Daddy with a sincere Viking`s smile. “Isn`t it a miracle?” I asked him. “Yeah,” It is a kind of a whiskey miracle…” he said philosophically.

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