Who is the Forest Chief?

A family of hares lived in the forest. Then, somehow, rabbits were born from them. They were small and fluffy, like balls. Mom hare and Dad hare called the guests to the birthday party. The animals that lived in the neighborhood came with gifts and congratulated happy parents. The bear brought a keg of honey, a squirrel – a whole basket of nuts, a hedgehog brought the ripest apples. Everyone wanted to please with his gift. However, suddenly, a couple appeared that no one was waiting for. It was a wolf and a fox. Nobody loved them and everyone tried to get around them by the tenth road, because they were hooligans, littering in the forest, offending the little ones. The wolf and the fox came empty-handed and approached the hares.

“What wonderful kids,” said the fox.

“Let them grow faster and fatter,” the wolf added.

“Go away, party crashers,” Dad hare answered, “I did not call you.”

“And we do not need to call. We come where we want and when we want. Ha-ha-ha” they laughed and, waving their tails, went away.

“We need to do something with them,” the hare complained to the beast neighbors, “this couple is dangerous for my children.”

“And let’s drive them out of the woods,” the hedgehog suggested.

“Yes,” the bear supported, “we will collect signatures from all the inhabitants, and they will have to leave.”

Therefore, they did. The squirrel galloped over the inhabitants of the forest and collected signatures to evict the wolf and the fox from the forest. Then she brought this list to the hare, and he bravely went to the hooligans. Nevertheless, the closer he came, the worse he was. Dad hare saw a fox with a wolf in a clearing lawn. They played cards on a stump.

“Here,” said the hare and held out a document in a trembling paw, “get out of our forest!”

The wolf and the fox came closer, read the paper, and then laughed aloud.

“You think we are scared,” the wolf laughed, and then he grabbed a piece of paper from a hare’s paws and ate it, “there was a document, and there is no document.”

Bunny barely held back tears, but it was impossible to cry because he is the father of the family. It was necessary to act. He came home, packed his things, said goodbye to the hare and went to the lion for help. The lion was to help drive the rascals out of the friendly forest. After all, a lion is the king of animals; everyone obeys him. The bunny walked for a long time and finally came. The lion was lying in the sun, resting and playing with his lion cubs.

“Good afternoon,” said Dad hare, “I came to you from far away for help, because you are also a father and must understand me.”

The hare told the lion about his misfortune.

“But I can’t drive them away all the time. When I go home, they will return,” said the lion.

Bunny was sad. But the lion reassured him.

“I think I know what needs to be done,” and the lion whispered his plan in the hare’s ear.

They returned to the native forest of Dad hare and went to look for the wolf with his fox. Those just threw the bumps into the jay’s nest. The lion hid behind the bushes, and the hare came forward.

“Stop it immediately,” the hare cried, “I command you!”

“And who are you to point us?”

“Now I’m in charge of this forest. I was at the king of beasts – a lion, and he appointed me here as the chief.”

“Well, but we are not wet behind the ears, seek dupes in another forest. How do you prove?”

The hare took up a full chest of air, rolled out his eyes, and at that time, behind him, in the bushes, the lion growled with all its royal power. Trees staggered by such a roar. The hare closed his mouth.

“Well, now do you believe it?” asked the bunny. The wolf and the fox tightened their tails and ears.

“Y-y-yes. We believe it.”

“So,” said the hare, “even your spirit should not be in this forest, and don’t even think about offending the animals anymore, otherwise you will deal with me!”

The hooligans turned and rushed away, only the tails flickered between the trees. The bunny thanked the lion, said goodbye to him and went to his home. There his wife and kids met him happily.

“Now I’m calm for you,” said Dad hare and stroked the children along their furry heads.

Since then, no one in the forest has played bullies and the wolf with his fox has never been seen here again.

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