Who Surrounds Me


It was our ordinary walking day when we created adventure from nothing. My friends and I had decided to meet and go to Kyiv although we couldn’t get together. As always, Valery and I were waiting for Ira at a subway station when she called us and said, “Hey, I’m here. Why can’t I see you?” That girl was upset and nervous because she thought that we were in the other place and we were kidding her. Ira was getting mad when we found out that she had got out at the wrong station. Also, our friend was staying in front of the station name for some time and kept on persuading us that she was right.

We reread our station name from all sides through rosy glasses, through yellow glasses and through the logical lens. We had a meeting on KHARKIVSKIA so we stayed on KHARKIVSKIA. Ira wanted to see us so much that her mind read VYRLYTSIA as our KHARKIVSKIA. Valery and I spent about 20 minutes waiting for Ira’s brains work. Because she really couldn’t grasp what happened!

But it wasn’t the funniest part of that story. Then Ira told us that before our meeting she had been going along the escalator in the opposite direction and when she saw a man, who went up too and stared at her, the girl decided he had mental problems. Of course! Everybody who uses escalator is weird, without any doubts!

We met awfully heated, got water-logged as wet hens by pitchfork downpour and were covered with white snow at the end of that story. But we couldn’t stop laughing…

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