Why aren’t students hired?

Students find it hard to get a job. Most often, they themselves are to blame. The manner of behaviour, misunderstanding of goals, coupled with a lack of experience makes young specialists not the bestseller on the labour market.

Why hire a person who, at a crucial moment, will run away to pass the test, forgetting about official duties? This is perhaps the main minus. Less minus is that for the most part students have not decided on their future profession. You will take him or her to work, begin to train, invest effort and money in growing a valuable shot and the shot will decide what is not interesting for him and wave his goodbye to a pen. That is why they will most likely take an established, adult person to a free workplace.

Almost any employee begins to bring benefits to the company after three, or even six months of work. At first, he is just getting into the course of business, mastering it. Most students look for seasonal work – usually in the summer, which consists of just three months. Merchandiser, courier, call centres operator – all temporary staff begins to pay for themselves from the first day. But bank employees and other office workers take time to adapt and swing. In this case, the “seasonality” of student workers also discourages employers.

In 80% of cases, students cannot answer the question “What do you want in the future?” In this case, it is very difficult for the employer and HR specialist to understand how and where such an employee can be most effectively applied. In addition, they have the feeling that such a candidate is unmotivated and amorphous. Not all students understand that you need to prepare for an interview – at least roughly understand how you can be useful in this work.

It is worth saying about punctuality. In their youth, many people forget to send a resume on time, are late for an interview, do not call when they disappear … It is unlikely that anyone needs a forgetful employee.

Employers appreciate those who are motivated, willing and willing to work, understand their strengths and weaknesses and do not hesitate to talk about them. Composure, punctuality and general adequacy are also of great importance. You must show why you need this work, what you want to achieve with it, how you see your future.

Despite all the listed disadvantages of a student-worker, you can get a temporary job. In Ukraine, there are enough companies that are waiting for the summer and hold vacancies for students. You are unlikely to be taken to a serious position, but to the role of an ordinary performer, assistant, and person on the premises is quite real.

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