Why Do I Love Telegram?


If we talk about modern social networks, then I really look like an old hat. Dear Instagram and Facebook developers, excuse me, but I really don’t know what to do there. Until them, I used Viber, but I was tired of its constant updating and slow work. In my opinion, Telegram is the most convenient communication platform.

Now, more and more bloggers are choosing this application. First, the Telegram has a user-friendly interface. You can customize your blog, add subscribers, advertise, share videos and photos. It is also very convenient to set up advertising and make money from the blog…

Secondly, you can shape splendid stickers in a Telegram. For example, you can take the fun company of your friends and make a sticker pack out of their photos. It’s very simple, even if you do not know the basics of design, you will create fun pictures.

Also, Telegram is a great opportunity for those people who like to write a lot. This is me… Here you can write long posts and format the text for easy reading. You can also add images to the text using special bots.

When I use Telegram, I don’t worry that someone might steal my data. After all, there is a high level of security. And by the way, you can configure the security of your account in the settings. I also like the Telegram video format. Though in these videos my cheeks look very thick…

I really like Telegram and I don’t want to move to a new network yet. Do you use Telegram? What do you like most about it?

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