Why do people want to be popular? Shame and game! One minute fame!


I have never been popular. I have had my five minutes of fame on a couple of occasions, such as that time the food on my tray rolled all over me in the cafeteria at summer camp and my face magically encountered the floor. I sometimes was recognized as an outstanding public speaker at comedy open mics where I only “bombed” a little. However, for the most part, I have always been an “inbetweener,” someone who walks the purgatory roads of normality and anonymity, but I think there are millions reasons why people love to be popular.  It’s usually because they need to be in the spotlight of attention to feel that they are worthy of existence or they are the best of the best! They need to feel they are more important than others to be more valuable in society.

Some people are raised to feel they are special, and as such, must live a ‘special’ life. Some parents inflate the egos of their children because they are vicariously living THROUGH their children. They tell their children that they are ‘special.’ These kids often grow up feeling they are more talented and good-looking than they really are. These are also the kinds of people you often see showing up at ‘idle’ auditions, in the pursuit of nothing more than fame, because of their ‘God-given’ talents and general ‘Star quality’! Halleluiah!  However rather soon they find out that they possess none of the above, unfortunately.

For some people, it’s a far more tragic situation. Some people are neglected by one, or both of their parents growing up, that is, they experience a lack of attention and love, from one or both parents, or outright rejection and/or abuse from their parent/s. People like this seek out fame to ‘win’ the love and admiration of said parent/parents. This often backfires dramatically, and these people are very susceptible to alcohol addiction or drug abuse.

Then there’s the somewhat ‘healthier’ version of this plot (though it’s still not really healthy), and that is that they seek to prove to the parent/s that they can achieve without their support and that they can prove themselves to be ‘better’ than said parents, and to show said parents what they are missing out on. Essentially it’s just a more empowered stance for the same desire…to be loved and accepted by the parents who have rejected them. This plot also rarely works, but the person continues to seek the possibility to be very famous and successful…Eventually, they usually let it all go and get on with their lives. Ultimately, those who seek out fame and not just to be successful in their chosen field are seeking attention and a form of love and acceptance that they have been denied in their formative years. Even the kids who have been told they are ‘special’ all their lives feel they have to continue being ‘special’ to hold the love and attention of their parents and to be able to ‘look down’ on others to make themselves feel worthy of love.

To my mind, it is so sad when people in their eternal attempts to be popular and famous, more beautiful and wealthier, lose something a lot more important in their lives. They lose themselves.

So, would you like to be famous for three words and one finger? In this case, don`t relax! The garbage will be picked up tomorrow! I know for sure! Be ready!

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