Why do we keep old things?

Why throw away old T-shirts when you can use them while cleaning windows? And the boxes are perfect for storing all sorts of little things. We don’t even have time to notice how our balcony turns into a pantry, and in the real pantry, there is not even one free inch left. So why is it so difficult to throw out completely unnecessary things?

  • Old habits

The past generation was just used to keeping all sorts of old stuff. In the post-war years, when some people were plagued by poverty, every little thing had meaning. That’s why it’s so hard for us to get rid of even things that are already ruined.

  • It will come in handy later

Old phones that still work, but are long gone. Jeans with some non-washable stain that can be trimmed to fit shorts. How on earth can you throw that away. But it’s worth realizing that things that haven’t been used in months will definitely never come in handy again.

  • Nostalgia

Things that bring us fond memories and immerse us in the atmosphere of the past are very difficult to throw away. It’s wonderful when you really have memories that you don’t want to forget. But it’s worth it to know the measure and not to drag. There is even a term ‘syllogomania.’ It is compulsive behavior when a person clutters up his place of residence so much that it already prevents him from moving around.
If you notice in yourself a tendency to collecting, try to protect yourself from buying unnecessary things. For example, going on vacation, do not buy souvenirs, which they will just gather dust on the shelves.
If you notice that your loved one really treasures things that no longer have any value, or just went out of order, try to talk to him. Don’t force him or her to throw things away! Through dialogue together, come to the realization that these things no longer have value. Don’t let the things you own end up possessing you.

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