Why do we read?


People often say that words don’t matter a lot. But then why is so much attention paid to books? I think high literature matters. It is the cause and effect when it comes to social change. Not surprisingly, when they want to deceive the nation, great importance will be given to literature.

For me, books used to be a place of escape, where I could hide from the harsh reality that I thought I could not cope with. Then I turned to them as a personal psychologist, coach or old friend. Here you can find good advice, motivation, reason, understand yourself, solve many problems, love the real world and sometimes relax from reality.

Here you need to be careful not to lose the desire to live a real life.

Books add space to your life. So get me a selection of books that I come back to from time to time. Be careful, they are addictive.

  1. All the books about Harry Potter by Joan Rowling.
  2. “The Lord of the Rings” by R. R. Tolkien
  3. “Servant” by Catherine Stockett
  4. “Emma” Jane Austen (and all her other novels)
  5. “Away from the mad crowd” by Thomas Hardy
  6. “The Chronicles of Narnia” KS Lewis
  7. “Notes of Sherlock Holmes” by Conan Doyle
  8. “Blue Castle” by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  9. “Tales of the Strange” by Ranggs Riggs
  10. Jack London’s “Fairy and the Brogue” (yes, I know it’s a story, not a book, but it’s a great story.)

I guess it is a good choice so…use wisely.

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