Why don’t adults believe in a fairy tale?

It was at Christmas. It was a long time ago. It was so long ago. Someone may say that it was in fact. Sit back, pick up a cup of hot chocolate and listen to me.

This girl was called Vasilisa. She believed in Christmas miracles and waited for them. She wanted to see all of them so much! Ice Jack, Rabbit, Tooth Fairy and Sandbox. For the New Year, she expected Santa to come to her. When he froze the lake, she always started skating. The Rabbit came on Easter and laid colored eggs. The Tooth Fairy, along with her assistants, took all the fallen children’s teeth, and instead of them, brought coins under children`s pillows (good earnings, right?). Sandbox came every night and gave the children beautiful dreams. Vasilisa believed in all of them. She knew that they were all somewhere nearby…

That was before Christmas. The girl climbed under the covers and began to read the book “Christmas in the Forest”. She liked this book. She read paragraph after paragraph, page after page. This book consumed her completely. But soon she was getting tired. Her eyes began to close. Suddenly, she noticed a fancy book on the windowsill. Hey! She got up, went to the windowsill, took it happily in her arms. The book was sparkling red. But how strange! Nothing was written. Unexpectedly appeared a line, “You wanted to talk with us for a long time, right? Here we are.  Your Santa Claus and Ice Jack, Rabbit and Tooth Fairy, your Sandbox. ” This inscription disappeared, and a new one appeared, “You can see us. If you want to see us you need to put your right hand on this page. If you are scared, you can just take a toy with you. See you! ”

Vasilisa was nervous at first, then chose a toy (it was a hare). She could no longer wait. Suddenly, she turned out in a fabulous fairy tale house. Or was it a palace?

“I dreamed to meet you,” Tooth Fairy immediately flew up to her and hugged warmly. Old Santa shook her hand saying, “Welcome to us!” The others also greeted her and stood in a circle.

Ice Jack invited her, “Come here to us. Closer, yeah, a bit closer. You see? This is the planet Earth. These are people who believe in us. Do you see that little light? It burns brighter than all. This is your light. This means that you want to meet us just a bit more than others. ” The child listened to him with round eyes. She could not believe in her happiness.

Then all of them came to the table. The rabbit took the girl’s hand, and at the table, he put Vasilisa on his lap.

“Ho, ho, ho! Well, do you like us here?” asked Santa.

“Yeah,” the girl nodded cheerily.

“Why do some stop believing in us? What do you think?” asked Jack.

The baby was silent for a while, and then answered,

“All my friends just dream to see you! As for the others, I don`t know.”

“I see a lot of new light which started to flash. That is the fact, “said Ice Jack.

“ But it does not relate to adult!” inserted the word Rabbit.

“We know … Why adults stop believing in fairy tales?” asked Santa.

“Maybe, it happens because they do not have any time for a fairy tale. They run around like hamsters and even don`t want to raise their heads to enjoy the beauty of a sunset, not speaking about Christmas. But with a fairy tale, life is much funnier. It is very important. After all, if you do not create a fairy tale and do not believe in it, then no one will do it for you,” said the girl thoughtfully.

“Now, take all these your Christmas presents and fly back to your bed!” Santa embraced Vasilisa and said some magic words. “With great pleasure, we would speak longer but not now. Your Mother goes to see you!”

Mom entered into her daughter’s room. She looked at her daughter sleeping under her blanket with all her Christmas presents. “Where did she take all these gifts! It is just some magic!” She turned off the light.

Conclusion: sometimes adults can turn into children and believe in Christmas fairy tales too.

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