Why it is better to take pets from the shelter?

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Pets such as dogs and cats are distinguished by their ability to love people. Research shows that animals have a strong sense of friendly affection for their owners and improve almost every aspect of the owner’s life, including his or her health and even outlook on life. However, instead of spending thousands of dollars to buy these amazing animals, there is a more rewarding opportunity – to take an animal from a shelter.

  1. When you take a pet from an animal shelter, you give it a family and save it from being killed.
  2. You are not supporting the illegal animal breeders business. Every year, thousands of dogs are kept in appalling conditions in “puppy factories” and farms. When you take a dog out of a shelter, you cut the income and support of these hobby breeders, thereby contributing to animal welfare.
  3. The role of animal shelters is to provide shelter for stray animals. This means that when you take an animal from one of these shelters, you help provide a home for that animal, but at the same time, you make room for another stray animal.
  4. We all want to be loved, and pets are no exception. Some of the animals in these shelters have been mistreated, experienced hunger and loneliness, and look forward to loving and being loved in return.
  5. Studies have shown that cats and dogs that live with their owners live longer than their stray counterparts. This means that when you take a cat or dog from animal shelters, you help them stay out of the street and increase their lifespan.
  6. When you take an animal from a shelter, most of them are already vaccinated, thus you save money on these services. These services are not offered at pet stores.
  7. When you take an animal from a shelter, you show the whole world that you have a heart, that you are a good person and that you are extremely conscious.

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