Why should nature be protected?


It is not a secret that man and nature are closely linked. In this case, if nature can exist without man, and even feel great, then man without nature can’t. A person needs to have air, food and water, and that is the minimum. After all, everything necessary for life is given to us by nature. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it. If we stop treating nature with contempt right now, it is possible that humanity will exist for several thousand years longer.

It is important to understand that it is for the sake of our existence. We are to live in harmony with nature. However, this seems impossible for human nature. After all, a person more often tries to subdue nature showing all his or her power than to understand it. Apparently, it is because of such a stupid human nature that there is almost no place left on the planet where nature would appear before us in its original beauty. We must understand that countless species of animals and plants can disappear in the nearest future and that the world’s oceans and atmosphere have become so polluted because of the predatory and greedy actions of ‘homo sapiens’ – ‘homo stupidios.’ This is all the fault of humanity! We must all pay tribute to nature that gave us life and sustained it for so many thousands of years. Man’s first task now is to preserve nature and increase its wealth.

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