Why should we still read novels?

Reading is one of the most effective learning methods. It is our tool in understanding the incredible world of human emotions and a possibility of inspiration? For? To achieve fulfillment of our activities. Unfortunately, the last two meanings are often discredited today, but people shouldn’t refrain from reading novels.

The lack of current information and a contradiction in the needs of modern society use the opponents of fiction to argue their hostile view against novels. They point out that reading novels does not provide new knowledge. The main characters are idealized, the events romanticized and in most cases have nothing to do with reality. In addition, it does not teach you how to start a business, invest earned money and introduce new technologies. In addition, they claim it is a waste of time. It is difficult for proponents of the scientific literature to accept that a book that does not contain the high-quality knowledge on every page could also be useful.

But they did not realize that novels have a strong influence on our EQ, which is just as important as the IQ. By reading we develop our empathy, we put ourselves in the shoes of another person and we experience all the moments together to our own experience. We let our emotions free by smiling, crying, hating and loving together with the pro and antagonists. In this way we also reduce stress and learn how to behave in unusual situations.

A second and no less significant argument for this are that a novel you read the other day could represent a excellent subject for small talk. Everything we read contributes to our general knowledge, and it is always nice to be able to have an educated conversation. In addition, novels are very often made into films. Isn’t it wonderful to have the opportunity to see your favorite characters come to life on the screen and then discuss all of this with family or friends again?

What we need to add to ultimately confirm the belief that novels should be read is that they broaden our horizons. What the opponents are saying, even though we learn a lot while reading a novel. We learn language and improve our vocabulary, discover the culture and history of the era in which a novel was written, visit previously unknown cities and countries.

From my experience I can only say that novels can still be very motivating. I remember very well how strongly I was influenced after reading the book “A Whole Half a Year.” I realized that there were still so many dreams that I should and can realize.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that reading, be it science literature or novels, should always be a part of our lives. We just have to distinguish what is for our knowledge and what is for the soul.

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