‘Why Women Kill’ Is For All Female TV Buffs

(Serial review)

Quarantine series selection 😂

“There are seven million people on the planet. I know one of them is gonna climb up on a moon for you”

“I`d like to kill you, but I just washed my hair”
(Beth Ann)

If “Sex Education” is more comedy, ‘Why Women Kill’ is a dark-comedy-drama staged by M.Cherry in 2019. With all its fascinating cast, the main actress plays so chic that only for her sake you can watch this incredibly grasping serial 🔥 10/10.

‘Why Women Kill’ is  a serial taking place in three time-lines, intertwining with each other, and telling about the events that led to the murders after married women had detected the betrayal of their husbands. The highly emotional story is too long for me, although there have been splendid scenes.

However, I ought to say that when you push the play button, you just cannot switch it off anymore…In some episodes, it is unbelievably great!

While watching it, I caught a feeling that the film director kept balancing between absurdity, dark moments and sparkles of joy. With all plot twists and drama bombs, I got a real flash of entertainment.    👌🏻 9/10.

Have you watched this serial? Share your emotions 😉.

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