Wi-Fi and its consequences

One of the greatest ideas people have come up with, in my opinion, is Wi-Fi. See how many opportunities we have now thanks to Wi-Fi. We can call our relatives abroad and not only hear them, but also see them. People don’t need to go to libraries to find the information they want, everything we want to know is in our phones and computers.

The history of Wi-Fi dates back to the mid-1990s. This technology for transmitting information over a radio channel was developed and applied mainly in the local networks of large corporations and companies in Silicon Valley, USA. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity.

In 2000, the first devices for data transmission based on it began to appear. Wi-Fi devices were designed for corporate users to replace traditional cable networks. Wire mesh requires careful development of the network topology and manual laying of many hundreds of meters of cable, sometimes in the most unexpected places. To organize a wireless network, you only need to install base stations in one or more points of the office.

After that, people and computers can be moved as you wish, and even moving to a new office will not destroy the network once created. Now such a thing as Wi – Fi can be found anywhere: in cafes, at work, even in transport. It has become indispensable in our daily lives.

Of course, a high dependence on this network is sometimes scary. In addition to good deeds, people sometimes do evil. Many teenagers and adults have become addicted to Wi-Fi and what it can do. As many sci-fi authors affirm — Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous thing, Therefore, we have two sides to this discovery. The main thing is to choose the right one.

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