Will not Appreciate

Some people will not appreciate you until you leave. When you no longer give them the support that they took for granted, when you no longer write them pleasant sms that they ignored, when you no longer meet them with open arms every time they knock on your door in the middle of the night and when you no longer wait for their call on the phone.

Some people don’t understand how much you loved them until they could find anyone else who would love them just as much. When they cannot find someone who loves everything, what they are ashamed of, who would look at them as if that was all he needed, who would make them feel at home – safely and securely from the chaos of the whole world.

Some people will try to get your attention only when you stop giving it to them. When you stop calling in the middle of the day to say how much you love, when you stop buying them the little things that they would like and mentioned in a casual conversation, and when you stop throwing everything and rush to their aid when they need it.

Some people will try to conquer you only after they already lost. When they understand that you have other options, when they understand that someone else will treat you better than they do, when they understand that you no longer agree to be their option, when they understand how selfish they were .

Some people will miss you only when you forget them. When you forget to congratulate them on their birthday, when you forget their favorite song, their secrets, when you throw away their memories. When you forget what feelings they caused you.

Some people will only respect you when you leave. When they understand that you sacrificed yourself for their sake, when they understand how many times you have gone against yourself to give them up, when they understand how many times you have forgiven them again and again. When they understand that you have left, because it already got you — because they confused your patience and understanding with weakness.

Some people will love you only when you stop loving them. When you no longer miss their touch and the sound of their voice. When they see that you have changed and no longer look at them as before. When you no longer think about them before bedtime. When they are finally ready to open your heart to you, after they have shattered your shards.

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