Witchcraft Watchcat

(magic realism story)

I’m crazy about cats, that’s true. I can pet them, kiss and squeeze all day long. So it’s not a surprise that I have one of them at home. Her name is Emma and she’s one of the weirdest cats in the world. 

She likes looking into emptiness, meowing at the door at night, and watching people through the window. Sometimes I think that she is not the normal cat, that she is a magical one, who can see things that we, muggles, can’t. And there was a situation which assured me.

It was a usual evening. All my family was still at work and I was all alone at home, doing my homework, only my cat was there. Everything was totally fine till one moment when Emma came to my room and started looking in the corner, which was empty. She was so frightened that I could see her shaking and ready to run away at any minute. She didn’t pay any attention to me; she was just watching and meowing on something DARK in the corner. I would have lied if I had said that I wasn’t scared too at that moment, because I thought that I would die there. After three minutes blustery battle with an invisible BOOGIE GHOST, Emma turned to me and gave me the most serious “MEOW” in my life and left the room. This meow was similar to, “ Now everything is okay, I’ve saved you soul.” You will not forgive me, but I understood every meowing word.

After that situation I am 100% sure that Emma lives in my house for a reason, she has a mission to save my life from ghosts and demons and to be my witchcraft watchcat.

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