Wonder World


In a small town with a strange name lived our heroine – Gabriella.  She was a girl of incredible beauty, with large blue eyes, in which a lot of local guys would be happy to get drowned, as in the ocean. Gabriella was a very friendly girl, with a good heart and a rich inner world.  She loved animals and always played with them. The beauty had many loyal friends and wonderful parents. 

Though she was from an ordinary family, she had big dreams.  She did not believe in miracles and always smiled with disbelief while listening to those who told her some magical stories. Even friends were surprised that she did not believe in miracles because there were so many coincidences and odd cases in their lives.  Sometimes, Gabriella was offended by her  female friends who were constantly trying to laugh at her disbelief and doubts. “Everything in this world we decide ourselves, there was nothing fantastic … It is just impossible,” thought Gabrielle.  “I am not a dreamed-up fairy girl. I do not believe in anything supernatural.  After all, how can you believe in what is not?”  Gabriella did not betray her mind and stood her ground firmly…

However, once upon a time, Gabrielle went to see her father, a logger who sometimes loved living in a forest caretaker log house.  The girl definitely did not remember the way but hoped that it would lead to her father. It was not dark yet.  The young beauty went hiking and was not in a hurry.   From time to time, she stopped in the middle of the road to seek berries, to get a taste of the forest flowers and to enjoy the splendid wildwood scenery.  “This nature is really fabulous, and all those little toys for kids are just toys,” the girl thought and walked on.  Having come across flowers, she long admired their beauty.  Suddenly she realized that it was already dark. Gabrielle got confused and looked around full of fear.  Everything seemed so ugly and scary to her, but just a few minutes ago she had admired the charm of the forest.  The girl was frightened, not knowing what to do. She moved away from the desired log house further and further … The girl got lost and was not sure if her father would come to help her.  She got confused and frightened, weeping and understanding how hopeless and helpless her situation was.  She didn’t know where she was going or why, if she had a chance of getting out of there or not.

But something dragged Gabrielle into the depths of the forest, some magical force that the girl still did not believe in, but moved her on.  She stared into the unseen darkness and shivered from each leaf rustling.  Suddenly the girl saw a shimmering light.  She rubbed her eyes to make sure she didn’t dream.  Gabriella went to it trying not to lose it.  As she neared the strange fire, she realized that it was not a flame or even a lantern.  This was the light that shined through the windows of a castle.  Why did it appear in the forest?  She did not remember any stories connected with it…  But she was curious and approached it with a pinch of fear in her heart. 

Reaching the mystical building, Gabrielle looked around in disbelief.  She seemed to be in a fabulous fairy tale.  Everything around was green, it was daytime, birds were singing, people were chattering in the yard and in the castle.  Gabriella was walking closer and closer. No one saw her, the girl was getting scared, but at the same time, it became more and more curious.

She went inside and saw an incredibly handsome prince.  “Can’t you see me too? Am I sleeping?”  the girl asked aloud.  But surprisingly the prince noticed her, greeted and introduced himself as Nicholas.  They talked for a long time and admired each other.  The castle was so magnificent and marvelous that Gabrielle even forgot about everything.  The girl could not determine what had happened to her. It was something gung-ho, in which she recently had not believed.  Why recently?  It was during the wonderful minutes she spent with Nicholas that she believed that miracles existed.  The prince said that nothing in life happened occasionally. The girl looked at him with love and agreed.  Nicholas said that he had never seen a more beautiful and romantic girl than Gabrielle, and that he had fallen in love at first sight.  He added, “We will definitely meet once again, Gabriello!”

The girl looked at Nicholas in surprise, not understanding his words.  At that moment she opened her eyes.  She was lying in her bed at home, it was early morning.  Really?  Was it just a dream?  The girl shouted, not believing that everything that happened to her was just a dream…  “Are there any real miracles or they could happen just only in fairy tales for children?  I was right…I should not  have believed in all this magic stuff,” the girl thought in disbelief and disappointment.  She called her friends to tell them about the night’s adventures and went to meet them.  “Hi, Gabrielle,” the girl heard.  She looked back and did not believe in her happiness.  It was he, her fate, Prince Nicholas.  “I said we would meet again and I wasn’t lying,” said the guy.  The girl did not understand what happened to her last night, she was just happy.  And after a while, the couple got married.

believe in miracles, they exist!


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