Wonderful Vienna

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit one of the most beautiful places on the Earth – ‘the City of Dreams’ called Vienna, the capital of Austria. There’s a lot to do in Vienna and you can easily spend weeks trying to see it all.     

I went there in February and in comparison with Kyiv the weather in Vienna was warm and sunny. I decided to visit Austria because my friend lives there and he said that I can stay at his house and spend some time together with him.

Vienna works its real magic on a more human scale. For one week we visited four museums – Belvedere, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Hundertwasser Museum and Academy of Fine Arts.

Vienna is a city on the move when it comes to social tourism, too, with a growing crop of enterprises making travel here more meaningful than ever. My friend showed me many fascinating things – we even saw St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the night – it was about 5 am and no one was on the street, only us.

Stephansdom is a Gothic cathedral in Vienna, noted for its colorful roof. The cathedral has been destroyed and rebuilt over the years, the most recent reconstruction taking place just after WWII.

Vienna is home to schnitzel, Freud, Mozart, the Hapsburgs, opera, art, coffee shops, and so much more. So we also tried the local cuisine – one of these is the famous Zachertorte.

Traveling around Vienna is an enriching cultural experience. The city has countless museums, palaces, markets, restaurants, quirky art exhibits, delicious food halls, neighbors a wonderful wine region, and is a quick train trip to Bratislava.

Also, we went to Vienna’s largest open-air food market called Naschmarkt. It’s been operating for hundreds of years and has a variety of restaurants, street stalls, and grocers. It’s a little touristy (don’t go food shopping there) but it has a cool vibe and, on a warm sunny day, it’s nice to sit out with a meal and a glass of wine. Despite its fame, you’ll still find a lot of locals here. Be sure to hit up Umarfisch for seafood and wine.

I highly recommend that you should visit Vienna! This ‘City of Dreams’ is deservedly called one of the most wonderful cities on the planet. You won’t ever regret it.

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