Worries of Unbeating Heart


He was so magic attractive. He always had a wish to be liked in every company he appeared. So magnetic in his burgundy costume. Like proud rose poured with wine of autumn sunset. Simultaneously this guy was shy and soft as lonely cloud at summer sky. Although he wasn’t alone. He was my Dream. He had me. Unfortunately, he didn’t know about it.

I was looking in Dream’s eyes when some girl tried to calm him down. He was nervous about an audition on a new job. I was near. But Dream didn’t feel me. The guy had though he lost me a few months ago. He let me go. However, he loved me more than anybody in any world.

Dream and Ghost.

Sounds creamy. We were invisibly bound by airy nude word of Mind. We were repeating the steps of each other in our spring of existence when I found two differences between us. First, everybody aims to achieve him. And nobody wants to fall in my hugs. Second, I believed in him. He didn’t have the same feeling about me.

I died a few months ago after some jerk had attacked me with a knife. No boy had gifted me so many scars on my heart. I was dead. But I with transparently silent pleasure got drunk of his bright life. At that moment I wanted him to know that I was nervous about his audition too.

Suddenly, warm Dream’s cheek felt cold Ghost’s kiss…

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