‘Worship of a lizard` by Lubko Deresh’

(book review)

We are the color of the nation, we are the mold of the nation. In fact, we just exist.

‘Worship of the Lizard is the second novel by Lubko Deresh, published in 2002. One of the first novels by a very young author, in which he describes the cruel pastimes of teenagers with a strange sentimentality for his age. The protagonist, who came on vacation to a small western Ukrainian town, openly tells the story of the relationship that led to the murder.

Complexes, fears, desires, hidden and overt rivalry, musical preferences and stereotypes of local fashion – all these motives relevant for teenagers’ world, Deresh unfolds through immorality, which he treats without undue criticism. The author managed to tell this story so interestingly that it simply takes your breath away from the increased concentration of the characters feelings.

Some of the characters of the background in this novel have become full-fledged characters in the novel Cult, and certain plot moves have gained interesting development there.

The story is filled with deep quotes and here are some of the favorites:

  1. The more we pay attention to the little things, the more illusory is the goal to which we have so stubbornly headed.
  2. We will run away. Our whole life. From the wisdom of the crowd and the advice of relatives. We will carry bricks and build high walls.
  3. Sometimes I am afraid of myself. I’m afraid of what’s inside.

This book is ironical, adolescently cynical but really-shmeally sharp (not for teens)! I really appreciate the originality in this book. I`ll give it 5\5! Amazing!

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