Yakaboo is launching a small publishing support program at 27 BookForum

As part of the 27th Lviv International BookForum, the largest Ukrainian online bookstore Yakaboo is launching a program to support small and niche publishers. Due to the cancellation of the book fair at 27 BookForum in Lviv, many Ukrainian publishers will not be able to present their novelties to readers.

Therefore, the Yakaboo book platform in partnership with the NGO “Publishers’ Forum” offers publishers an alternative that will allow them to present new books at 27 BookForum free of charge. For 10 days Yakaboo will place books of such publishers on the site free of charge and will provide a promotion.

The books will be sold with a token commission of UAH 1, and all profits, including cost and income, will go to publishers.

The absence of one of the largest book events in 2020 will significantly affect the book market. That’s why the Yakaboo online bookstore, in partnership with the Publishers’ Forum, is initiating a program to support small and niche publishers. We decided to help small players in the book market to survive the crisis and, nevertheless, to provide readers with the opportunity to get acquainted with the expected new products of 2020,” said CEO Yakaboo.

Publishers who produce up to 10 titles a year or whose total circulation does not exceed 10,000 copies will be able to take part in the program. Such an initiative is exemplary. During the crisis, the level of book production decreased significantly. Let me remind you that Ukrainian Institute of Book develops similar programs. You can read about it online: https://book-institute.org.ua/uk

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