(short story)

He held out his hand and asked a question.

I said, ” Yes!”

I’ve felt him for a long time. He glances at me. So do I. He knows everything about me. I know nothing about him. Nobody knows anything about him.

He is looking out for me…

I watched him. I was watching his manners of communication, outfits, chosen for one or another case. I tried to catch the words spoken to the others, the smiles and the glints in his eyes.

Our looks crossed, sometimes. We smiled at each other.

However, I couldn’t bring myself to approach him. He wasn’t going to do this either.

Minute after minute has been passing. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year.

I sit in a shade. I am comfortable there.

I have a wild desire to raise my butt, decisively to approach him, to take his hand and say, “Let’s go…”

He’s much older than me. He’s much older than anybody who lives and lived.

He knows everything and nothing is known about him.

He’s well built. He has thick black hair and a touch of gray at the temples. He wears a blue suit and brown shoes…

We met. I stood up hesitantly and made a couple of awkward steps towards him.

He smiled and stared at me.

“Hello, I’ve been waiting for you.”


“Yeah. For many years… I wait for everyone. Now I’m waiting for you.”

“I am…I am afraid.”

He gave me his hand, “I’ll show you the way.”

…we were in the steppe. Tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of paths. And millions of hectares overgrown with green grass.

“There are countless roads in the world. Go your own. Continue your journey. It will be difficult. Do not miss the opportunity at the crossroads with other routes. Gain experience and keep on your own journey. You may go astray and go away, get lost and get frost even more than one time…but you will ‘STAND UP AND FIGHT’. Are you ready?”

…a thousand of thoughts in my head and just only one answer,


He is Life itself. I gave him my answer.

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