Yogi millionaire Igor Fresh Kovalev

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“My father’s words were heard more and more often in my head. His philosophy is that every generation in our family should increase their standard of living 10 times. My grandfather has been stuck in the village all his life. My father moved to the city from scratch, acquired real estate here, provided me with a cool childhood and gave me a good starting point for adult life. What should I do to surpass him 10 times?”
(Igor Kovalev)

Many consider this man one of the best yogis of the 21st century, while others twist their fingers at his temple, learning that for more than 10 years he has not eaten meat and has not drunk alcohol. He even has a vegetarian cat. One more fact does not leave without an open mouth that at the age of 30 Igor Kovalev is a millionaire.

Has it always been this way? Of course not! Igor was a weak child. A severe burn in childhood resulted in a sharp deterioration in vision. “I was almost blind from shock. Until the age of 18 he did eye exercises for several hours every day. Vision gradually returned. ” Due to a serious back injury as a teenager, doctors forbade him any physical activity. But he gave up his disabled status and began to work with his body through pain.

This situation prompted him to study his diseases, their causes, consequences and find ways of healing, but at all did not make him give up. In two months of yoga practice, he healed his back and realized that he could share this knowledge with others. At first, he went to the fitness center 3 times a week for several months and no one came to him, but now celebrities, successful businessmen and professional athletes are lining up to him. For example, such clients as Petr Osipov, Mikhail Dashkiev, Roman Zubchenko addressed to Igor.

It is interesting that in 2020 Igor trained more than 40 thousand people, he made the largest split marathon in the world, in which 18 thousand people took part, more than 12 thousand people passed the Tsar’s Posture, and in 2021 he launched an online training platform “NEOPORTER” with the best trainers.

Looking at all his successes, no one would have thought that in childhood Igor was an outcast, and at school his teachers called him lagging behind in development … Igor Fresh is an example of a person who shows that our life is only in our hands! That we can become healthy, strong and rich only when it really comes to this and we make every effort.

Instagram: @igorfresh_new
Telegram: @igorfresh
YouTube: IgorFresh

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