‘You Are A Badass’

(book review)

‘You Are A Badass’ is written by renowned writer Jen Sincero.

I read a lot of similar books. In general, they are called – motivating, life-affirming, allowing you to achieve success and be realized in this life. And here I would not laugh, if I were you. You know, the more I read them, the more I understand my inner complexity, excessive congestion, somewhere on the contrary, excessive underutilization, etc.

It is very difficult to believe in yourself and to remake yourself, especially if you come from dysfunctional families. Books like this shed light on my inner world and, frankly, seeing and understanding this truth is unpleasant.

Therefore, I would recommend reading such books only to those who are not afraid to be honest with themselves and who have enough intelligence over the course of life to see their shortcomings and their lack of something, somewhere, in something — intelligence, faith in themselves, gratitude, positive, optimism, etc. And then, you need to throw these books inward in tons at least level to get out of a minus into a neutral state (you know what I mean?). And only then it goes into a plus.

I know what I am talking about – right now I am dragging on two global projects that can change my life for the better, because of fears, internal resistance and a strong unwillingness to leave my comfort zone. And I need to do this, the bridges behind are burned, and I move, move, even if it is little by little, but move. And I, of course, will fulfill my plans and achieve my goals.

With the help of such eloquently titled motivating books, I will go it, I know for sure…

Therefore, I advise all of you to fight in life, do not give up, stand your ground and read such books, read and read, so that you have inner faith in yourself, the desire to live, the desire to achieve your goals and enjoy your life! Similar Western books help our people in this long way, it’s a fact! Good luck to all of us! My rating is 10/10.

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