Youth Employment Problems

Life gives nothing without work —

Why is it so difficult for young professionals to find a job, except for teenagers in supermarkets?

The first thing I would like to note is the lack of work experience. This is the most important and acute problem as well as an obstacle on the way to the dream position. Although, what I am talking about, at least not ‘Silpo’ and it’s already great. I’m kidding, of course, but unfortunately most employers want to see experienced professionals. Which is severely lacking in young professionals. “We are waiting for candidates aged 20-35, with twenty years of experience and ten diplomas, students do not respond!” That’s about how I see current vacancies. And no one cares what skills or talents you have, no experience – not our candidate. It is rare for an organization to pay more attention to the awareness and skills of a specialist than to measure his professionalism by the number of years worked. Moreover, no one takes into account the fact that we have been studying and working at the university for 4 years. But this can be equated to real work, so we have experience, but not as it should be, according to employers.

Another important problem is the employment of students, but in general everybody is deaf. The maximum that they can offer is an internship, ie you provide free services to cool uncles as a specialist, or – freelance. Well, or McDonald’s. It sounds funny and sad at the same time.

Under modern conditions, it is necessary to intensify the process of supporting business initiatives of young people, to encourage them to actively look for work and get a profession that is in demand in the labor market. Among the main measures to be taken — to reduce unemployment and black PR propaganda. As for the educational work, it should take a prominent place.

So, to change the situation dramatically and positively at the same time, it is necessary to develop and implement projects aimed at financing active employment promotion activities among young people; to conduct research to determine the specialties, professional skills and qualifications of which are of high demand; to include mandatory student internships in all educational programs; to develop a mechanism to promote University boys and girls to work part-time in their free time and to organize experimental enterprises in all universities and vocational schools; to arrange meetings with employers and former unemployed who have successfully found a job or launched their own business.

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