YouTube! Big Bad Bar or Classy Cool Creation?

“Technology is just a tool.”
(Bill Gates)

YouTube is an integral part of modernity. Everyone knows about the existence of such a video hosting and world-famous application. YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. Is there anything else to add, or is everything clear so far? Yes, YouTube is a huge breakthrough at this time. It is used for completely different purposes. Someone came to watch a football match, someone wants to enjoy the premiere of a new video of Lady Gaga, someone watches “Smeshariki”, and someone watches an hour-long video compilation with cute cats.

Yes, you can talk about the benefits of YouTube endlessly. If you want to laugh or cry, to get sad or inspired, to learn how to cook delicious pancakes at home or just to watch water streams, log on YouTube! All these services are provided by one ordinary media platform in question. I can’t even remember in which year I first learned about YouTube. I just remember exactly that I loved to watch clips of Hollywood stars and envied them with white envy.

Already in childhood, my friends and I often used this platform. So what? Is there anything unusual about this? Present children at the age of three can turn on their favorite cartoon and watch while drinking milk with cookies. And for us it was really something new, something unusual, something special. We did not know what range of opportunities YouTube could provide us at that time. And now, for people it has become a chore. For any questions – use YouTube. And you will find the answers to absolutely everything. It’s like a kind of Google, but more fun and interesting.

But there is one minus. Big Bad Bar…People, using YouTube, begin to forget about live communication. Can’t your mother tell you better how to cook those pancakes? Or won’t your father help me fix your car? Is it easier for you to hear advice from a stranger than from your loved ones? Treasure the time and special love of the people around you. After all, no one like them will give you the advice that you need.

Yes, YouTube is important. But do not forget about your family in the end. The main function of YouTube is to entertain people. And these are not necessarily any stand-ups. We use this platform to distract ourselves, to watch the new vlog of our beloved blogger, to listen to new hits of 2020, and so on and so forth.

That is why do not spend your whole life watching a video. Life is not given for this. Spend time with your family, friends, boyfriend / girlfriend. Let YouTube just help you enjoy life and make it even brighter.

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