Beauty Power and Ugly Hour

(humorous story)

Оne day we were walking in our park. The sparkling sun was touching us romantically with its pleasant rays and yellow leaves were soaring around us as fascinating fairies. It was early autumn. We had a good mood, and I started composing my own poetry, “Autumn shower. Flower power.  Beauty Hour. Happy plougher…” My friend added, “Yeah, Louis Armstrong was right. What a wonderful world…”

Suddenly appeared our University building and two deeply concerned people. It was a University lecturer and a student. They dashed and talked anxiously about politics, sociology, and cakes. My mood was broken. Some gloomy phrases got settled in my head, “Politicians are like diapers…they are looking for trouble, discovering it, and spreading it through mass media…And if this man speaks about politics even in this beautiful park, probably, all his childhood his mother baked tasteless cakes for him at home.”

19 october 2019

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