Subterranean Saints

(Christmas story)

Part 1.

This year Christmas was marked by Anna, a voguish Ukrainian woman in her early thirties, in wartime Kherson, more precisely, in a dim dungeon or as they called it, in an untroubled underground of a multi-story house in the center of this bloodshed-stricken city.

Sparkling, Stylish, With Rizz as ArtBooks Always does!

(blog article)

I had the pleasure of doing an internship at the Ukrainian Publishing House ArtBooks. So, I would like to say a few words about it.

Unraveling the Enigma: The Enduring Popularity of Tomie in Horror Manga

(manga review)

In the eerie realm of Japanese horror manga, one name stands out with an unsettling allure — Tomie. Crafted by the master of horror himself, Junji Ito, Tomie has become an iconic figure in the genre, captivating readers with her unnerving presence and enigmatic charm. But who is Tomie, and why does she wield such enduring popularity?

Welcome to the world of MAL’OPUS


Welcome to the world of MAL’OPUS, a Ukrainian publishing house that has become a true paradise for fans of geek culture. Founded in 2018, the publishing house embarks on an exciting journey through the world of Marvel Comics and grows into a unique platform for various works of contemporary popular culture.

24 Kanal! Ukrainian News of High Quality!


Like all Ukrainians, the first thing I do after waking up is, unfortunately, not drinking coffee, but checking the news. We currently live in a time when no one is completely safe, so every morning I check how the night went in the cities where my relatives live.

Publishing House ‘KM-Books’


The publishing house ‘KM-Books’ dates back to 2015. It specializes in publishing translations of foreign literature and children’s and adult literature by modern Ukrainian authors into Ukrainian.

‘Mamino Publishing House’

(miniflash story)

Attention and care are key components of any children’s publishing house. The Ukrainian publishing house ‘Mamino’ offers not only books for kids, but also a lot of unforgettable emotions and important lessons.

Embark on a Journey of Imagination with ‘Nasha Idea’ Publishing House


Welcome to the vibrant world of ‘Nasha Idea,’ a Ukrainian publishing house that transcends the ordinary to create literature that sparks the curiosity and captivates the minds of young readers. Founded in 2018 in the cultural city of Dnipro, ‘Nasha Idea’ is not just a publisher; it’s a storyteller on a mission to make children’s books not only readable but irresistible.

‘Ukrainian Cultural Heritage’ serves as a window into the country’s past

(Opinion essay)

Discover the cultural realities of yesteryear through the public association ‘Ukrainian Cultural Heritage.’ This organization is dedicated to uncovering and preserving the priceless cultural heritage of the nation, which hostile forces attempted to erase. At the core of the brand’s mission lies the revival of historical treasures, and one such gem is the resurrection of the esteemed newspaper, ‘Homeland Echo.’ Founded in 1906 in the city of Hadiach, Poltava Governorate, this newspaper served as a vivid chronicle of Ukrainian life in that region. Throughout 1919, its pages adorned a myriad of societal events, cultural and historical perspectives, and nuances of political discourse.

My sister is a Christmas fairy

(fairy tale)

As Christmas night approached, little Mary sat by the window, looking at the snowflakes. The young mind wondered if Santa really existed. And if so, how did he manage to bring all the presents?

Angel Investor…


The world of startups is a whirlwind of ambition, innovation, and, yes, risk. Every entrepreneur dreams of securing an angel investor, a benevolent individual with deep pockets and a keen eye for potential. But before you pop the champagne, be prepared for the “bitter pill to swallow.”

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho

(book review)

As a fervent reader and a seeker of inspirational literature, I recently revisited Paulo Coelho’s timeless classic, ‘The Alchemist.’ This book, more than a novel, is a compass for those wandering in search of their dreams and destiny.

‘Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow’ By Sam Meiser and Sadie Green

(book review)

I finished reading ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow’ at the beginning of the month, and I am publishing the review just now.

‘Meat Market’ by Juno Dawson: A Gripping Dive into the World of Fashion

(Book Review)

Juno Dawson’s ‘Meat Market’ offers a striking and captivating glimpse into the glamorous yet dark underbelly of the fashion industry. This young-adult novel is a page-turner, exploring the harsh realities that young models face, while addressing issues of identity, power, and self-worth.

Exploring the Enchanting World of Ukrainian Folklore


Буде тобі, враже, так, як відьма скаже.”
Villain, you will get what the witch says.”
(Ukrainian song)

The Enduring Power of Books: Why They Triumph Over Gadgets


In today’s fast-paced digital age, gadgets have become ubiquitous, offering convenience, entertainment, and information at our fingertips. Yet, amid the allure of screens and instant gratification, there remains an irreplaceable treasure – the good old book. Books hold a unique and enduring power that often surpasses that of gadgets. Here are several compelling reasons why books are better than gadgets:

“Ukraine’s Resilience: Navigating Challenges with Innovation and Unity”


In the heart of Eastern Europe, Ukraine stands as a nation shaped by a rich history, an ancient culture, and a tenacious spirit that has endured through challenging times. From the Orange Revolution to the more recent Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbas region, Ukraine has faced numerous trials, yet it continues to showcase courage and resilience through innovation, stamina and unity.

Business Presentation of ‘Triumph Publishing House’

(short story)

Once I was invited to a modern publishing house business presentation, where I was so impressed with it and decided to share the key ideas of it.

Embracing Innovation: The Driving Force of Business Success


In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, innovation stands as the cornerstone of success. It is the ability to continuously adapt, explore new ideas, and challenge conventional thinking that empowers businesses to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Innovation is not merely about introducing new products or services; it encompasses a broader concept of reimagining processes, strategies, and customer experiences to gain a competitive edge.

Connecting the Dots: How the Internet Has Changed the World


In just a few short decades, the internet has transformed the world in profound and unprecedented ways. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, altering how we work, communicate, learn, and even perceive the world around us. Here’s a glimpse into how this digital revolution has reshaped our global landscape.

Children. Victims of Forced Deportation from Ukraine


Ukraine, subjected to military aggression by Russia, has witnessed an extraordinary humanitarian crisis that has affected the most vulnerable segment of the population — children. Forced deportation has become a terrible ordeal for thousands of little hearts who have lost their homes and become dependent on the will of the occupying forces.

‘The storybook journey of Darlington book publishing house’

(short story)

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of literature’s embrace, Darlington Book Publishing House came to life as a beacon for storytellers and dream weavers. Picture an amusing office adorned with shelves of timeless classics and manuscripts brimming with untold tales. This is where our story unfolds.

‘Hidden Pictures’ by Jason Rekulak

(book review)

Jason Rekulak’s ‘Hidden Pictures’ is a journey into a world of nostalgia and mystery that leaves you spellbound on every page. The book was published by the ‘Family Leisure Club’ Publishing House in 2022. It`s a book that won my heart with its unique atmosphere and subtle humor.

‘Beyond the Perekop is the Land’ by Anastasia Levkova

‘The Land Beyond Perekop’ by Anastasia Levkova is a large-scale and multifaceted novel that tells the story of the Crimean peninsula from ancient times to the present.

‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

(book review)

J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a classic work of fantasy literature that has captivated readers for generations. The story follows a hobbit named Frodo Baggins on a quest to destroy the One Ring, an evil artifact created by the Dark Lord Sauron. Along the way, Frodo is joined by a fellowship of companions, including the wizard Gandalf, the elf Legolas, the dwarf Gimli, and the ranger Aragorn.

‘An Apartment for Two’, O’Leary Beth

(book review)


More and more often, I read rom-coms for relaxation. How now. I can single out several points that impressed me and singled out this story from all the previous ones in its genre that I have read.

A Profound Journey Within: ‘The Day That Taught Me to Live’ by Laurent Gounel

“Life is… […] beautiful.
Life is beautiful. […]
Life is beautiful and we don’t realize it. “
— Laurent Gounel

‘Threads of Courage’


In the small town of Zhytomyr, Ukraine, ordinary lives were abruptly woven into the intricate fabric of war. As Russia-Ukraine tensions escalated and turned into a large-scale war, it wasn’t generals or politicians but ordinary people who emerged as the unsung heroes.

Steeping in Tradition: Starbucks’ British Odyssey


In the heart of London, where the River Thames winds through a city steeped in history, Starbucks finds itself entwined in the tapestry of British culture. The green mermaid logo peeks out from behind centuries-old facades, as if inviting a modern twist to the time-honored tradition of tea-drinking. Starbucks in England is more than a coffee shop; it’s a cultural intermingling, a harmony of global taste meeting the quintessentially British.

Amidst the Bombing and Pulsating Danger…


As soon as war broke out, volunteer groups acted as indispensable heroes in the darkest moments. They were quiet saviors, washing away traces of fear and evil, wrapped in nothing but a desire to help those in trouble.

A beacon of hope in the midst of chaos: stories of ordinary Ukrainians


In the heart of the conflict that has devastated their homeland, the Ukrainian people have become a beacon of resilience and hope. Amidst the ruins and echoing gunfire, their stories of courage, compassion and unwavering determination break through the darkness of war to illuminate it.

BookTok Phenomenon


Beyond viral dances and lip-sync challenges, the platform has become an unexpected but influential player in the realm of literature, ushering in what some affectionately call the BookTok phenomenon.

The English school “Krok” in Kyiv!

(blog article)

Good day! My name is Anastasia, and I am sincerely glad to hear from you. Today I am here to announce exciting news – the opening of a new branch of the English school “Krok” in Kyiv!

No Silence In Khmelnytsky Region

(short story)

It’s winter. A blizzard is sweeping all the corners of snowy streets. Fluffy snowflakes fall gently on the branches of the trees. And only the smoke from the chimney is rising in a quiet stream. I look up and realize that a cold winter moon with bright stars is looking at me. I hear carolers walking near my grandmother’s house, and they are only 3 houses away. So very soon they will be singing carols on our doorstep. Silence does not exist here. Especially at New Year’s time. Silence is not about Khmelnytskyi.

Exploring Ukraine’s Culinary Riches: A Gastronomic Journey


Ukraine, often referred to as the “breadbasket of Europe,” not only boasts a rich history and diverse culture but also a culinary tradition that is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Embarking on a gastronomic journey through Ukraine is an immersive experience that unveils the country’s soul through its delectable dishes and traditional flavors.

Corruption in Ukraine: Struggle for justice and reforms


Corruption is a problem that affects all spheres of society and politics in Ukraine. It has been repeatedly called a “black hole” in the country’s development. Lost opportunities, lost trust of citizens in state institutions and society in general are just some of the consequences of this complex problem.

Digital transformation: The impact of modern technology on our lives


In a rapidly changing world, the role of technology is constantly expanding. Digital transformation, as a concept of using digital technologies to transform various spheres of life, has become not only a technical concept, but also a catalyst for profound changes in society.

Ukrainians Abroad: Resilience and Hope Amidst the Shadows of War


In the heart of Eastern Europe, a nation has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. Ukraine, a country known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, has faced the harsh reality of war. As the territory of the whole country is regularly under air attacks, and the air raid alarm has replaced the alarm clock for Ukrainians, many of them have been forced to make the painful decision to leave their homeland and seek refuge in foreign lands. Their stories are tales of resilience, determination, and hope amidst the shadows of war.

“Ukrainian Literary Renaissance: Navigating the Pages of the Booming Book Business”


In the heart of Eastern Europe, where history, culture, and resilience intertwine, Ukraine is experiencing a vibrant literary renaissance that is reshaping its book business. From the bustling bookstores of Kyiv to the emergence of talented authors on the international stage, In spite of Russian-Ukrainian war hardships and atrocities, Ukraine’s literary scene is garnering well-deserved attention.

Environmental Protection and Human Impact on Ecosystem”


Modern society faces a number of problems related to changes in the environment and loss of biodiversity. Human activities and consumption habits affect the Earth’s ecosystem, and this has serious consequences for nature and the climate. However, we have the opportunity to change this trajectory and protect our environment for future generations.

The Power of Dreams

(Persuasive Essay)

Dreaming is not just a frivolity of the imagination; it is a step towards changing reality. Every major invention, every revolution, began with a dream. Dreams have the power to transform the world, opening new horizons of possibilities and inspiring us to new achievements.

The Story of My Pain


When I was 16, I felt the real pain of “love”.

Stress Relief and Psychological Health


Stress is an integral part of our lives, and it can arise for a variety of reasons, from workloads to personal concerns. The way we respond to stress and its impact on our psychological health can be critical to our overall well-being and quality of life. It is important to learn how to manage stress and find ways to relieve it.

Ukraine’s Resilience: A Journey from Turmoil to Triumph


In recent wartime years, Ukraine has been a symbol of resilience, courage and determination, overcoming numerous Russian-Ukrainian war challenges to assert its identity, freedom and victorious spirit. The country’s journey from turmoil to triumph is a testament to the strength and resilience of its people.

The Quirky Chronicles of Canine Capers

(short story)

Dogs, our four-legged furry companions, are like a daily dose of comic relief. They’ve mastered the art of making us laugh and scratching our heads in bewilderment. Here’s a glimpse into the delightful world of doggy antics.

The Great Laundry Adventure: Battle of the Socks

(humorous essay)

Once upon a time, in the whimsical land of Katerynovka, there existed a kingdom ruled by an iron-fisted queen—Queen Kateryna. In this kingdom, an epic battle raged on, one that had left even the bravest warriors perplexed and defeated: the Battle of the Socks.

The Power of Curiosity: A Journey into the Unknown


Curiosity is a powerful force, an insatiable hunger that drives us to explore the unknown, to seek answers beyond the surface. It is the spark that ignites the flame of discovery and propels us into uncharted territories, both within ourselves and the world around us.

Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka, created in Roald Dahl’s imagination, has become one of the most colorful and beloved literary characters. His adventures in the book ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ have captivated readers of all ages.

What’s better: an electronic book or a paper book?

(persuasive essay)

It’s an eternal question that leads to discussions not only among publishers but also among all aficionados of literature. Some people like only electronic books, while others are convinced that paper books are much better and more attractive. Do I lean toward the opinion of those who like aromatic, thick, and pleasant paper books? Of course, I do! And here are a few arguments that will convince you that this is true:

Fredrik Bachmann’s book ‘Us against You’

(book review)

If you love literature that deals with deep social and psychological aspects and are drawn to gripping narratives, then ‘Us against you’ by Fredrik Backman is definitely your next book to read. This Swedish author has already been well known for his previous works such as ‘The Bear City’ and ‘A Man Called Uwe.’ And now, in his new novel ‘Us against you,’ Bachman continues his literary prowess.

‘The Goldfinch’

(book review)

(I run my book Telegram channel, where I publish various reviews of the books I read. The other day, I wrote a review of The Goldfinch by Danna Tart.)

‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides

(book review)

Imagine a world where a celebrated painter, Alicia Berenson, shoots her husband in the face five times and then never speaks another word. Such is the chilling premise of ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides, a psychological thriller that will leave you breathless until the very last page.

‘The Yellow Butterfly’ by O.Shatokhin

(book review)

Ukraine is currently at war, so there is a lot of literature on the subject. The ‘Yellow Butterfly’ is a children’s book about the war after life by Oleksandr Shatokhin, published by the ‘Old Lion Publishing House.’

‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss

(book review)

Hello, fans of adventure fantasy and everyone who has always dreamed of diving into the world of magic and mystery! Today I want to tell you about the book that captured my imagination and left an indelible mark on me – ‘The Name of the Wind’ by the recognized master of the genre, Patrick Rothfuss.

Pro-looking Cover Letter


Writing a cover letter in English is an important part of the job search process. From my own experience I would like to offer some tips for creating an effective cover letter:

Hitting the Bull`s Eye

(short story)

Hrysha sat in his small office, staring at the blank computer screen. He had been working on the project for weeks, and it felt like he was chasing a wild goose. His boss, Mr. Petrenko, had been breathing down his neck, demanding results. The pressure was on, and John knew he had to hit the ground running.

Saint Nicolas From Antonivka

(Christmas story)

“Where…am… I? Am I alive or dead?” Maria, a 20-year-old blonde girl dressed in a German loden woolcoat in charcoal, gray lambswool polo sweater, onyx tapered pants and black Hannover tall boots, was lying under a scrap-heap of bricks, shelves and broken conservation jars. She looked up and down, right and left, focused on her hands covered with black and blue bruises crossed by thin bleeding cuts. Her whole body was under the wreckage of her Granny’s basement. “I am still alive…I feel pain… My right leg hurts horribly… They say that after death people feel relief and fly away through a bright tunnel… I don’t fly anywhere… I am still alive.”

The Great Coffee Caper

(short story)

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Brewington, there was a café called “Perk Me Up.” It wasn’t just any café; it was the heartbeat of the town. Locals flocked there for their daily dose of caffeine, and tourists made it a point to stop by for the legendary Brewington Blend.

“Ink and Pixels: Navigating Ukraine’s Literary and Digital Horizons”


In the ever-evolving landscape of Ukraine’s business world, two realms stand out distinctly: the traditional allure of book publishing and the dynamic pulse of social media. These realms, seemingly disparate, are intertwined by the common thread of storytelling – one in the tangible form of books, the other in the boundless realm of the digital.

Navigating the Literary Landscape: A Glimpse into Ukraine’s Book Publishing Market


Ukraine, a country with a rich literary heritage, is experiencing an exciting evolution in its book publishing market. As the world becomes more interconnected through social media, the dynamics of the publishing industry are undergoing a transformation, providing both challenges and opportunities for Ukrainian authors and publishers.

‘The Damned’ by Chuck Palahniuk

(book review)

An American writer with Ukrainian roots, Chuck Palahniuk gives readers another fantastic novel with elements of gothic humor.

Decorating the Christmas Table


Both Christmas and New Year holidays around the world are celebrated with various traditions and customs. One of the most central aspects of this time of year is the decoration of the festive table, which symbolizes fellowship, joy and sophistication. Let’s take a look at how the Christmas table is decorated in three different countries: Ukraine, Japan, and Germany.

Conservative Professionalism Against Young Creativity

(miniflash story)

Students are always in favor of creativity, but not when ‘big’ professionals create problems for them.

Another Successful Day At The Office

(short story)

Samantha sat in her corner office, crunching numbers for the upcoming budget presentation.

By the Book

(miniflash story)

My son had the most peculiar affliction: he took everything literally. Like, literally by the book. He thought Harry Potter and free accessible healthcare were there for real. Doctors (obviously not covered by our insurance) were at a loss.

Still Now People Hear Their Voices

(miniflash story)

Once upon a time, in the heart of Vinnytsia, there stood a bizarre coffee shop named ‘PanCake.’ Nestled amidst the bustling city, ‘PanCake’ was a delightful oasis for students seeking refuge from their academic endeavors. Its inviting atmosphere and comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee made it a beloved haven for the city’s young scholars.

Important Day

(short story)

Kyiv is a beautiful city, you know? Especially in the morning, when the golden autumn sun touches the tops of the buildings with its rays; when a light breeze sifts every leaf in quiet parks and playfully pokes the dog that has dragged its sleepy owner for a walk…

The Bus Stop On Miracle`s Street

the magic realism story

Winter. Late in the evening, Pasha is waiting for a bus, hiding his McDonald’s cap in his briefcase. There is no one around. The bus arrives, and the guy immediately jumps in and asks the driver to wake him up “at the end of the line.”

How to make your business presentation better: magic of literature devices


When it comes to business presentations, incorporating elements from the world of literature can turn your mundane presentation into an immersive experience. Here are six effective literary techniques to liven up your business conversations.

Confidence is the Key to Everything


A successful business presentation depends not only on what you say, but also on how you say it. Confidence is important and showing it makes a big difference. Here are five easy tips to help you look more confident at your next presentation.

Laughing Your Way to Success


Humor not only lightens everyone`s mood but also builds a deeper connection between you and your audience, and increases the enjoyment of your messages. So, there are some easy tips that would make your business presentation better.

Conjury Crystal

(50-word story)

Lost in the forest, Sarah stumbled upon a hidden cave.

Paper Boat of Dreams

(50-word story)

The sun set, casting a warm glow over the horizon. Sarah sat by the beach, feeling the sand between her toes.

Two Sides of Witch`s Art

(miniflash story)

Maria was a witch and an artist. She depicted moments from her life, such as creepy covens, dating werewolves, strolls with vampires.

Alice and Shadowcat

(derailed fairy tale)

Alice was extremely bored while sitting by her sister on the bank and having nothing to do: once or twice she peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations. “What’s the use of a book”, thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?” Suddenly a white rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her.

Death of An Atheist

(mini flash)

My father was struggling for air; his heart was squeezing the life out of him. He was all alone in the gloom.

Umbrella Instead of Love

(miniflash story)

In a city alleyway, Lilia, deep in dark thoughts, was complaining about the rainy night.


(miniflash story)

In an antique bookstore, a girl named Sarah found an ancient diary.


(miniflash story)

As the scorching sun set over the desert, Semen, an aspiring astronomer, stared at the stars.

Trust Issues

(miniflash story)

“Well, everyone’s here. Are you ready?”

That-Side Friend

(miniflash story)

Midnight. She was about to go to bed after a long study day, but something in the mirror caught her eye.

More Than Just Pages


Behind a desk covered with notes and coffee cups, the “Enter” key clicks twice. If the lives of today’s students from Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University could sound like a melody, it would be a cheerful jazz acoustic trio, each playing their own rhythm.

Mrs. Metelitsa or Blizzard Bogie!

(derailed fairy tale after Brothers Grimm)

There lived a widow and she had two daughters. One of them, a stepdaughter, was beautiful and hardworking, and the second, her bloodline, ugly and lazy. That widow loved her own daughter much more, even though she was ugly and lazy. The stepdaughter had to do all the housework, she was the Cinderella in the house. Every day the poor girl sat on the road by the well and spun until the thread cut her fingers to the point of blood.

Good Gym in Fastiv! Youth, Joy, Strength,


A new gym opened its doors in Fastiv on Thursday, offering a variety of fitness classes and state-of-the-art equipment to its customers.

In Kharkiv, a russian missile attack destroyed a technical school. They fight with children…

(news article)

At 2 o’clock in the morning, a week ago, the enemy launched a rocket attack on one of the educational institutions of the Saltiv district of Kharkiv. The building was partially destroyed; the Russians left a gap on the territory from the rocket explosion. No military infrastructure. Fortunately, there was one security guard on the premises, and no one was injured.

Sleeping Beauty

(mini flash story)

The prince spurred his horse and rode forward fast.

Who is Guilty?

(mini flash story)

An argument broke out between the couple in their fancy house. “Dear, you left the door open again,” she exclaimed. He replied: “It wasn’t me, my love.”

Brave Captain

(mini flash story)

The wind was too strong to wind the sail properly.

Tailor in Paris

(flash story)

Tolian was a tailor who loved to sew and sow. He had a shop where he made clothes and a garden where he planted seeds. He was very proud of his work and his hobby, but he also had a secret. He was a spy for the CIA, and he used his shop and garden to cover his missions.

Stolen Suit

(humorous story)

This story could have been a bubble bath story, but this story is about betrayal. The friend of mine turns out to be a traitor.

Mag-g-g-ical Li-br-br-br-ary

In the center of the small village there is a library about which there are many legends. Now I will tell one of them.


(miniflash story)

In a whimsical village named Willowdale, Walter, a wistful weaver, wove dreams into his tapestries. With each woven strand, he whispered wishes, weaving a world where wonders walked.

Time Loop or My Granny`s Spell

(flash story)

I was returning home from school with my friend. The journey was not long, but it passed through a highway where cars often violated traffic rules.

Wicked Witch

(mini flash story)

Hiding in plain sight, at night a wicked witch, by day a fancy fairy, Liza masked her magic tricks as ordinary actions.

Whispers of Enchantment

(magic realism flash story)

Once upon a time, in a realm where magic intertwined with the mundane, there existed a town cloaked in the mystique of mythical realism. Shadows whispered secrets, and ancient trees murmured tales of forgotten enchantments.


(mini flash story)

In moonlit spaces, the poet found solace, weaving verses with grace.

The Epic Quest for Coffee

(miniflash story)

In the mythical land of Officeopolis, Sir Caffeine-Deprived embarked on an epic quest for the fabled elixir known as “The Perfect Cup of Coffee.” Armed with a trusty mug and a half-empty bag of coffee beans, he faced perils like the treacherous Printer Paper Canyon and the dreaded Endless Meeting Swamp.

Comedy Show

(mini flash story)

Cat and dog attended a comedy show.

The Unusual Inheritance

(short story)

Bob, a mild-mannered accountant, received an unexpected letter. It turned out his eccentric great-uncle, known for his quirky sense of humor, had left him something in his will.

Famous Rock Star

(humorous mini flash)

A terrible loud sound woke Petro up from his mid-morning nap. He jumped out of bed, quickly dressed, and ran to the kitchen, thinking there was an earthquake.

The Great Umbrella Swap

(magic realism miniflash story)

In the fancy town of Peculiarville, the residents had an unusual tradition. Every Friday the 13th, they gathered in the town square to celebrate “The Great Umbrella Swap.” It all started decades ago when a forgetful gentleman named Mr. Thompson accidentally left his umbrella at the bakery.

Long Live Grinchenko!

(Magic Flash Story)

In the quirky town of Grinchenko, where even the street signs told jokes, lived Benny, the accidental inventor. One day, he concocted a potion that made people’s voices sound like musical instruments. Excited, Benny tested it at the annual town meeting.

Change of Plans

(miniflash story)

One day, a group of children gathered in the heart of their neighborhood.

Melody of Memories

(short story)

As the tour bus rumbled down the highway, the eclectic group of musicians found themselves in a symphony of chaos. Max, the drummer, insisted on practicing his beats using anything he could find—his drumsticks clicking against the windows, the back of a seat, and even his own knees. The bassist, Sarah, was on a mission to teach the lead guitarist, Dave, to dance while playing, claiming it would add a new layer to their performances.


(flash story)

In a small town known for its peculiar inhabitants, there was a baker named Mr. Pumpernickel who had a secret obsession with flying pies. Yes, you heard it right, flying pies! He had spent years in his hidden basement laboratory, perfecting the art of pie propulsion.

Wonder-inventor And Flying Boots

(miniflash story)

Max, a wacky inventor, had created boots with gas cylinders and decided that he could fly in them. He started testing them on the street.

Dancing Chickens

(miniflash story)

It was a bright morning at the farm when Fedir, a former Ukrainian war veteran, and now a farmer with a funny sense of humor, put on a surprise performance for his guests.

Lucky Chucky

(miniflash story)

There was a dog called Chucky. He lived in a big, lovely family and loved different dangerous adventures such as squirrel-hunting, neighbors-barking, bones-digging etc.


(miniflash story)

Walking down the street, hearing someone walking behind me, I quicken my pace and realize that this someone has also sped up.

Fierce Snow For Ukrainian Fighters

(miniflash story)

It’s wonderful when the first snow falls outside. Children run, play, enjoy the snow. Everything around shines from the rays of the sun, looks fabulous.

Bittersweet Moment

(miniflash story)

Amelia’s farewell party was bittersweet. Laughter echoed, yet tears welled in her eyes.

Sounds of Silence

(miniflash story)

The sounds of silence drove me crazy, I was alone in a lonely room, feeling the air pressure. It was incredibly difficult, I felt incredibly alone.

“Weirdly normal” life

(mini flash story)

No one understood him. Jonathan, a lonely man, lived a ” weirdly normal” life.

‘Walking Dead’ romance

(mini flash story)

Ivan and Katy, a lively couple, navigated life like a “walking dead” romance. Their love thrived in a paradox, alive with zombie-like predictability.

Wonderful Woodland, Brave Locals, Greedy Businessman

(flash story)

In Kryvopilla, a small village in the middle of a Carpathian mountainous landscape, lived a small group of people who joined their efforts to preserve the ancient forest that surrounded their fabulous village. This forest was a source of life for all wildlife and an important element of the region’s ecosystem.

Whimsical Bookstore

(short story)

In a forgotten corner of the city, there stood a whimsical bookstore that appeared only at midnight.

Magical Market

In the small town named Ivyworld, there lived a woman Eleanor who had extraordinary abilities. She could enliven paintings with a stroke of her brush, giving the mundane a touch of charm.

The Last Wish

(miniflash story)

He found the lamp in the attic.

Charming Friend

(Christmas story)

Anna had always loved Christmas, but this year was different. She had lost her father in a car accident a few months ago, and her mother was struggling to make ends meet. They had moved to a small apartment in a rundown neighborhood, and girl had to change schools and leave her friends behind. She felt lonely and sad, and missed her dad terribly.

Your Destiny Clock Shop

(magic realism flash story)

In the heart of a quaint town named Serendipity, nestled between cobbled streets and ivy-covered houses, there existed an inconspicuous clock shop known only to a few. The owner, a furtive figure named Mr. Pendulum, held the key to an extraordinary collection of timepieces.

Time Bending, Chaos and Loops

(magic realism miniflash story)

In a quiet town, Lily found a clock shop with watches predicting personal milestones.

Roses Blooming in Winter, Konotop and Victory!

(magic realism miniflash story)

In the quiet town of Konotop, roses bloomed in winter.

Magic Umbrella Shop

(miniflash story)

An umbrella shop appeared overnight in the quiet Ukrainian village of Muzychi.

Hidden Hut

(magic realism miniflash story)

Among the green valleys, in a hidden hut, miracles were hidden. There, where the walls seemed to be of higher quality than any painting, travelers and devotees of the magic force found a home. The ceilings reflected the stories of the past, and the floor created carpets of flowers and leaves.

Morning Routine

(magic realism miniflash story)

This morning was not a perfect picture in her mind.

Good Deeds – Blossoming Garden

(miniflash story)

White and pink roses blossomed from human whispers in the quiet town of Spring Heart.

Fox Foraging For Food

(miniflash story)

Beneath the serene starlit sky, a lone fox foraged for food. Its amber eyes gleamed, guiding it through the forest, while the distant howl of a coyote echoed.

So Shiny Sneeze!

(miniflash story)

Prince Samuel the Third was the most majestic man in the Kingdom, but also had an unusual problem: he couldn’t stop sneezing glitter.

Freddy The Flash

(miniflash story)

Down in the bustling borough of Brixton, Bertie Brown, a cheeky chap with a penchant for pints, found himself in a right pickle. His faithful friend Alfie had a debt to repay, so he looked very upset.

Siren’s Song

(miniflash story)

In the moonlit cove, the Black Pearl’s tempting song attracted the sailors to come closer.

Magical Rose Garden

(miniflash story)

Every day, Tom watched his neighbor, Mr. Johnson, meticulously care for his prized rose garden.

Сhanges in Mykola`s Life

(miniflash story)

Mykola didn’t like going to school. He had a bad academic record, he was bullied and had low self-esteem.

Art, Trees, Miracles

(flash story)

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing gently outside. Ilko, a young Hutsul artist, decided to go outdoors to mountains to find inspiration for his new masterpiece.

My Special Surprise

(flash story with climax)

Katty had a passion for baking, especially cakes. She wanted to surprise her best friend, who was also a cake lover, with a homemade birthday cake. She followed a recipe online and bought all the ingredients. Then she mixed, whisked, poured and baked all this stuff. Katty decorated the cake with frosting and sprinkles and wrote “Happy Birthday” using piping paper. The girl was proud of her creation.

Silence in Loudness

(derailed fairy tale)

In the middle of the city, where harmony competed with care, a cheerfully pessimistic musician performed his melodies. They were full of sensations: silence in loudness, sadness in joy.


(miniflash story)

Amid the ruins of the once bustling town, survivors moved like living dead. Their resilience shone through the desolation, a paradox of hope in the face of despair.


(miniflash story)

In the tranquil chaos of Mary Shelly`s garden, thorns bloomed with delicate grace, and the brightest flowers whispered secrets of the night.

Love Contrasts

(miniflash story)

That winter, she was burned by bitter frost. I couldn’t resist coming to her.

Small House, Big Light

(miniflash story)

Silence reigned in this small wooden hut. An old man sat by the table, which was large for such a small room, and was silent, but his eyes spoke loudly, even though they had been dead before.

Forest Time Loop

(miniflash stories with anticlimax and climax)

Once upon a time, the silver streams in this part of the forest shimmered gently.

Song of Loneliness

(miniflash story)

In the city of silence, commotion blossomed. People danced to the song of loneliness.

Dancing on the edge of hope

(miniflash story)

Among broken dreams, she found elusive salvation.

Shining Shadows

(miniflash story)

In the heart of the darkest forest, where shadows reigned supreme, a glimmering light paradoxically emerged.

Silent Lion Roar in Ukraine

(miniflash story)

Amidst the deafening silence of the deserted city in Ukraine, a lone lion, its mighty roar, paradoxically whispered.

Screaming Silence

(miniflash story)

Spiders span sticky webs. The little girl watched them carefully.

Alone Together

(miniflash story)

The glare of a bright, beautiful sunset decorated the bedroom.

Students` Personal Lives and War Blackouts

(campus interview)

Students of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University answered the question: how to arrange a personal life on the second shift?

Two Stones

(short story)

In a small village somewhere deep in the forest lived a father and son. They were known for their happy and well-coordinated family. The father always taught his son important life skills and values. One day, when the son grew up and became a young man, the father gave him two stones.

Two Strangers

(miniflash story)

In a city where the noise of cars creates a symphony of urban worries, two strangers crossing the same street accidentally met. Something extraordinary happened in the collision of views – a mysterious connection, as if the reflection of inner feelings in each other’s views.


(short story)

Once upon a time in a small coastal village, there lived an old fisherman named Jack. Jack had been fishing the same waters for decades, and his fish catch had been steadily declining. The villagers relied on his catch for their livelihood, and they were growing worried. One day, the village elder approached Jack with a concerned look on his face.

Little Mermaid Mortifies

(derailed fairy tale)

The Little Mermaid didn’t want to meet the prince from the very beginning. She was interested in her legs to be able to see all the beauty of the land world. However, after meeting the prince, she could not enjoy their travels together, because of the pain in her legs and the longing in her heart.

Symphony of Dedication

(miniflash story)

In the dimly lit university library, a hushed camaraderie unfolded. Students, huddled over textbooks and laptops, exchanged knowing glances.

Massive cyberattack shuts down Global Financial Systems

(fake news article)

In a stunning turn of events, an unprecedented cyberattack has paralyzed financial institutions worldwide. The attack, believed to be orchestrated by a highly-sophisticated hacking group, began just several hours ago, crippling major stock exchanges and banking networks.

Rapunzel’s Bad Hair Day: The Image Change

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived a royal family. One day, the queen became pregnant, but her health weakened, and the only thing she could eat was Rapunzel`s salad. It grew only in a magical forest, where an evil and powerful witch lived. By royal order, the servants secretly ventured there to collect this salad.

The New Cat in Boots Story

(derailed fairy tale)

One miller left an inheritance to three sons. The eldest took the mill for himself, the middle got the donkey, and the youngest got the Cat. The youngest brother was very upset, getting such a small share.

Sleeping Beauty

(derailed fairy tale)

In ancient times, in the land of the Dreamy Mountains, there lived a beautiful princess named Aurora. From the moment she was born, she was gifted with enchanting beauty and charm, but a black wizard named Morgan, who came to visit the palace, said that her beauty was cursed, so she would die as soon as she turned seventeen.

Detective Hopes

(short story)

“Detective Hopes!” Jake shouted, “Detective, there’s something here!”

Snow White and Sister

(derailed fairy tale)

When Snow White woke up to the prince’s kiss, she was confused. She realized that it was probably the only way to return to normal life, but it was unpleasant to see a strange man who was proposing marriage. Of course, Snow White refused.

‘Little Red Riding Hood from Odessa’

(derailed fairy tale)

Once, on a splendid sunny day, Odesa’s mother put together a basket of pies for Odessa’s Red Riding Hood and gave her last guidance before her wild woodland hike to Grandma Sonia:

Ecological Cinderella

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time, in a city where every day was a race against time, there lived a girl named Cindy. She was an eco-conscious enthusiast and had become a successful blogger, trying to teach people to live more environmentally-friendly lives. Cindy was known as the ‘Green Princess.’

Cinderella and Poems

(derailed fairy tale)

While running away from the ball, Cinderella accidentally leaves a piece of paper with her poem on the stairs, which she never dared to give to the prince in person. The prince could not catch up with her, but he found a poem and fell in love with a stranger from the first line; he was sure that this poem was for him.

The Last Dance

(miniflash story)

The old gramophone crackled, sending melancholic tunes echoing through the dusty room. In the dim light, an elderly couple, weathered by time, swayed gently to the music. Each step is a testament to a lifetime of shared joys and sorrows. The walls whispered the story of their love—a story etched in the wrinkles of their smiles and the lines on their hands.

‘The Girl With The Matches’

(derailed fairy tale)

A little girl made her way through the dark streets. It was freezing and it was New Year’s Eve. The girl walked barefoot and with her head uncovered. The whole city was preparing for the New Year celebration. The streets smelled of roasted geese and apples. Rich people decorated Christmas trees and set the tables. The poor girl did not even dare to dream about it. She was very afraid to go home…

First-Rate Record

(miniflash story)

In Kyiv, a local man broke the world record for the longest time spent procrastinating.

The Great Laundry Caper

(miniflash story)

In a world, where socks mysteriously vanish in the laundry, Detective Lint was on the case. His office, a lint roller in a dimly lit drawer, was a mess of tangled threads and missing buttons.

Surprise! Ouch!

(miniflash story)

My name is Sacha and I love baking. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of making the perfect cake. One day, when I was 10 years old, I decided to surprise my parents with a homemade chocolate cake. I followed the recipe from a cookbook and mixed all the ingredients in a big bowl. I poured the batter into a cake pan and put it in the oven. I set the timer for 30 minutes and waited patiently.

Cat, Just Cat

(miniflash story)

After a long day at work, Taras tried to impress his new cat with a fancy feather toy.

Exclamo and Exclamation Mark

(miniflash story)

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Keyboardia, there lived an adventurous punctuation mark named Exclamo. Exclamo was always enthusiastic and a bit, well, overexcited!

Warm Winter. In 2022

(miniflash story)

Little white snowflakes swirled swiftly, sprinkled the ground and melted immediately. We approached the amazing Christmas tree, which was all dressed up, and took a selfie with our happy faces…

Morning Adventure With Lucy-Smoothie

(miniflash story with Cockney rhyming slang)

Vasyl bought new daisy roots (boots) two weeks ago and was thrilled with them.

A Goddess Who Was A Human. ‘Circe’ by Madelin Miller

(book review)

It is a common saying that women are delicate creatures, flowers, eggs, anything that may be crushed in a moment’s carelessness. If I had ever believed it, I no longer did.”
Madeline Miller, Circe  


(miniflash story)

In the gloomy gangway, Jake’s Boat Race lit up as he discovered a crumpled envelope.

Love and Anadiplosis

(miniflash story)

You`d like to know what love is…


(miniflash story)

In the dead of a frosty winter, their argument raged on like a cold fire, a paradoxical blend of icy words and fiery emotions.


(miniflash story)

In the midst of a thrilling car chase, the police cornered the notorious bank robber.

Strong Love

(miniflash story)

Beneath the golden canopy of autumn, a couple in love walked through the park, with leaves crunching underfoot.

Cacophony of Life

(miniflash story)

In the bustling city, Taras played the guitar on a street corner.

Go Hard or Go Home. Crowdsourcing

(miniflash story)

Once, my grandfather decided to plant turnips. He went out into the garden and saw a shady tree. Grandfather sat down in the shade to rest a little before work, to gain strength. He rested, took a shovel and dug a round bed. Then he planted turnips and sat down again in the shade waiting for the plants to grow. And the turnip got huge!

Ukrainian Flag! Remember Who You Are!

(miniflash story)

“It is important to remember who we are. What is our pedigree, our roots.


(miniflash story)

You woke up to the birds singing, felt the fresh air and got up. The sun was bright, a little blinding.

Witch from Konotop

(miniflash story)

As I walked through the eerie fog on Halloween night, I felt a strange presence. Suddenly, I saw a wicked witch who was brewing something in a cauldron with the inscription “From Konotop with Love”. She turned to me and said, “You must choose, or you will face dire consequences.”

Head in City and Heart in Countryside

(miniflash story)

The man left his dwelling. He was in no hurry as he made his way to work, the place where he would spend most of his day.

Sorceress and Sweetie

(miniflash story)

“Listen,” said the vagabond. “Go to the sorceress who resides at the edge of the town.”

Grandma’s Tea

(miniflash story)

My grandmother has lived in the village all her life and is a green thumb pro in gardening.

North Light – A Real Miracle Of Nature

(miniflash story)

My sister Khrystyna is a schoolgirl, and since childhood she dreamed of seeing the northern lights. But it doesn`t exist in our region.

Tooth Fairy

(miniflash story)

Little Maya lost her first milk tooth yesterday.


(miniflash story)

It was drizzling and dim dusk, Grisha was about to go to bed. Suddenly, he heard his brother’s loud whisper.

Kherson Halloween, Bloody Aurora Borealis and Rainbow Hope


They say in Kherson, “We don`t celebrate Halloween, we live in it.”


(flash story)

Rufus, the world’s laziest cat, had a peculiar hobby – watching the neighborhood squirrels. His favorite spot was by the window, where he could survey his squirrel kingdom without lifting a paw.


(miniflash story)

In a small coastal town lived a special dreamy boy.


(miniflash story)

The road covered with snow
Through the night lights,
Frost covered from head to toe.


(miniflash stories)

It was a muted morning in Mariupol, when suddenly a window cracked from a crashing clap.

Quiet Street

(miniflash story)

They went home tired and in no mood.


(miniflash story)

The warrior prepared for a bloody battle against a dragon. Swords clashed, fire flashed, spears smashed. They fought valiantly.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself: The Art of Personal Development

Personal development is an ongoing process of self-improvement that involves enhancing your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is the journey towards adopting a more positive and constructive approach to life and becoming the best version of yourself. Personal development plays a pivotal role in achieving both personal and professional success, as it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work towards your goals. Here are some tips on how to become the best version of yourself through personal development:

Tale about Mighty Editor

(humorous essay)

In the universe of publishing, there’s a character that often goes unnoticed, wielding a red pen like a sword of justice. That character is the editor, who has been blessed with the power to alter worlds, one grammatical correction at a time.

How I overcame my anxiety (not alone)

(narrative essay)

Anxiety has a way of silently entering one’s life, casting a shadow on even the sunniest days. Nowadays, so many people struggle with those awful feelings, not even knowing how to deal with them. As did I. It crept into my world, uninvited and unwelcome, and I found myself grappling with its relentless grip.

Sunflower and Strong Spirit

(miniflash story)

A sole sunflower rose in the middle of a sun-drenched field.

Old Friends Like Diamonds

(miniflash story)

In a calm cafe, Maria sipped her sweet coffee and read a letter from an old friend with whom she used to go to school.

My Passion

(miniflash story)

I love web design because it challenges me to create something splendid and serviceable.

Overcome My Fear

(miniflash story)

I was nervous as I entered the gym for the first time.

To dance at a ball with your favorite book – it’s possible!

To support the Ukrainian Armed Forces it`s possible too!


Have you ever dreamed of stepping inside a book you’re truly passionate about? I’m sure you have. And if the dreamer inside you is still alive, then you absolutely need to learn about this incredible project!

Beauty Is Like A Rose

(fairy tale)

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a princess named Jane was born. The king and queen couldn’t help but be happy about their child. It seemed that nothing could make them happier. Years passed, the princess grew up, but she did not acquire the beauty that every royalty had. Her hair was shaggy and the servants tried dozens of ways to style it, but all was in vain. Jane’s eyes were squinting in different directions, which made the princess’s already sad appearance even more ridiculous. Her entire skin was studded with freckles, but it didn’t look pretty, as if the princess had a rash. The more the girl grew, the more horrible, in the opinion of the king and queen, she became. From the age of ten, her parents put the unfortunate girl on the highest tower in the castle, and when she turned fifteen she was sent to the most uncharted part of the kingdom, to a small house with only one maid. Talk about the princess and her absence was quickly overtaken by the news that the queen was pregnant again.

Saying ‘No’: Your Path to Higher Productivity and Unlocking Your Full Potential

You’ve probably heard many times that learning to say “no” is important. But why is it important, and how can it make your life easier and make you more productive? Let’s delve into this topic and learn the true art of saying “no.”

A Timeless Warning of Totalitarianism – A Book Review of “1984” by George Orwell

“1984” by George Orwell is a haunting, dystopian masterpiece that has transcended its time of publication to become a timeless warning about the perils of totalitarianism, censorship, and the erosion of individual freedom. Originally published in 1949, this novel has proven its enduring relevance, making it a must-read for those who value freedom, truth, and the power of the human spirit.


(miniflash story)

In an antique bookstore, a girl named Sarah found an ancient diary.


(miniflash story)

As the scorching sun set over the desert, Semen, an aspiring astronomer, stared at the stars.

Faithful Military Dog

(miniflash story)

Nari, the faithful military friend, and defender Zhenya were inseparable on the battlefield.

Forest Treasures

(miniflash story)

In a whist wood, Matvii’s basket was filled with mushrooms.

Being An Adult Is Not As Cool As It Seemed

As children, we thought that being an adult was cool.

John And His Mystic Dog

(miniflash story)

John walked with his dog in the park while going to the store.

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

(Book review)

I had money…But for some reason, I couldn’t go anywhere. Apparently, finding a warm place to belong…Takes something other than money. Several years later, I realized that this “something” other than money…Was also required to enjoy food, to keep yourself neat and tidy, and to mutually respect people. But at the time, I dind’t know that.”
― Kabi Nagata, My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Bloody Drizzling in Kherson Oblast

(flow of consciousness)

Today it drizzles in Kherson, with tiny raindrops falling taciturnly on wrecked roadway with big and small pits and puddles. This time the fall doesn`t say its sad farewells to summer, it mourns the dead Kherson dwellers. It mourns 118 dead and badly injured kids from the Kherson region…It mourns hundreds of someone` mothers and grandmothers…It mourns the Ukrainian soldiers… buried in boundless Kherson steppes…Today the rain sprinkles with bloody spots of innocent victims with their souls soaring and seeking something nearby…

’The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman

(book review)

It’s great to be the fastest runner, but not when you’re running in the wrong direction.”
(Richard Osman)

Business etiquette in Japan: How not to be a burai*?


Japan is a country with a specific culture, tradition, and mentality. The Japanese people are highly hard-working, respectful, and full of patience. But not only because of their flowering lands, this country is famous for colorful events, pretty landscapes, eternal unity with Nature, for the high quality of work, for strict rules and manners, which are vital. If you don`t know how to act properly, neither ordinary Japanese people, nor business companies will see the potential in with you.

“Psychological Principles of Speechwriting: A Guide for Beginners”

Regardless of whether you are a communication professional, a human resources manager, a public speaker or a speechwriter looking for a well-paid job, there will come a time when you need to write a speech. When that time comes, your career may depend on your success. That’s why I have created this guide dedicated to young people (or not so young) and aspiring speechwriters, which will significantly help you start creating original, interesting, and, most importantly, effective texts that can engage your audience. Let’s begin with this.

‘Explosions Near the Museum’

(film review)

In Ivano-Frankivsk, a short film depicting the stolen Ukrainian history has emerged victorious at the 4:3 Short Film Festival.

Defenders Day, Holy Veil and Zaporizhian March

September 28, 2028. Defenders Day, a public holiday, together with the Protecting Veil of Virgin Mary, was celebrated at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University. Historically, this day was marked by the Ukrainian Cossacks, who started honouring it somewhere at the beginning of the 17th century. Quite often, in a case of extreme danger, Cossacks prayed to Virgin Mary and asked her protection by covering them with her Holy Veil.

Saving A Drowning Man By Straw and Rain

(flash story with business idioms)

Mark stood on the balcony and smoked. The fog of his thoughts covered him. His business had just failed and now he didn’t know what to do or where to go. His hands were tied by debt and lack of money to start a new business.

Vasyl Kuk: The Last Leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

In the annals of history, there are figures whose lives transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the story of their nation’s struggle for identity and freedom. Vasyl Kuk, the last leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA or UPA), is one such figure. Born on January 11, 1913, in Krasne village, Austria-Hungary (now in Zolochiv Raion, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine), Vasyl Kuk would grow to become a symbol of unwavering dedication and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, just like most of his contemporaries in UIA.

Mastering the Art of Small Talk: 10 Ironic Tips to Arwardly Shine

(Listicle tips for small talk using irony)

1. Embrace the Silence. In the fast-paced world we live in, nothing says “a confident small talker” like embracing those awkward pauses. Let the silence linger, and watch as your conversation partner scrambles to fill it. Bonus points if you maintain unbroken eye contact throughout.

German Bees and Ukrainian Refugees

(humorous article)

Ordnung ist das halbe Leben.”(Order is half of life)
– a German proverb.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which broke out on February 24, 2022, according to Interfax-Ukraine based on the UNCHR data, Germany has accepted 1.067.900 Ukrainian refugees bypassing Poland with its 992.700 registered Ukrainian evacuees. In such a way, Germany turned into a world leader in the number of Ukrainian people who fled the horrors of the large-scale war.

The Case of KwebbelKop


One of gaming’s biggest YouTubers wants to replace himself with AI.

Uncovering a Scam


Back in May 2021, freelance journalist Adam Robb spent over 1,000 hours investigating the case of Eddie Ibanez, a tech founder who was preparing to launch a new NFT project with one of the most popular YouTubers in the world — Logan Paul.

War Celebs. Challenge!

(Humorous article)

Chmonia, Andrei Rjazantsev, the 37-year-old former teacher from Gorlovka, drafted into the Russian Army and captured by Ukrainian soldiers on March 1, 2022, turned into a Youtube and Tick Tock war celeb with millions of views.

Fix The Moment In Your Memory

Kherson War-time Flashes


The present day, war-time Kherson looks like the city of surrealistic paradoxes, inspiring hope and, at the same time, cutting the hearts in bleeding halves of the local people and those who spent their childhood years on the sunny streets and sandy riverbanks of this cheerful agro-shipbuilding-resort hub in the Southern part of Ukraine.

Humor Through Tears. Kherson realities

(opinion article)

As a result of the unexpected explosion of Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant by Russian military leaders, a huge 5-6 meter high wave of water flew like a tsunami on the fertile fields of Kherson Region, flooding the right-hand bank of the Dnipro river with Kherson, a big city under the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as the left bank of the Dnipro river with Oleshki and Hola Prystan, two small towns seized by the Russian Army.


(Short story with sarcasm)

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Ridiculand, where common sense came to die, there lived a man named Taras.

It’s not sweet

(Advertising text)

Meet Anton. His life is not sweet.
It would seem that Anton works from home, but he has been eating only sandwiches for two weeks now because he doesn’t have time to cook himself something more nutritious.

Business Etiquette Tips. Even in the Time of War


In the competitive world of business, proper etiquette plays a vital role in professional relationships and success, even in the time of the Russian-Ukrainian war. No matter who you are, mastering the art of business etiquette is essential. Let`s speak about it once again.

Mastering Business Etiquette: Essential Tips for Professional Success


In the fast-paced world of business, success depends not only on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to navigate social interactions with finesse. Understanding and practicing proper business etiquette can significantly impact your professional relationships, reputation, and career trajectory. In this article, I would like to explore key issues of business etiquette and provide valuable tips to help you thrive in the corporate landscape.

Job Interview Outline: Manager Position

(opinion article)

Every one of us has some background in the sphere of job interviews and personnel management. My own experience helps me to shape the following tips.

I will always want you… maybe

(short story)

“But Arnold, I love you!” the girl shouted in despair. “Let’s go together! I’m ready to give up everything for you!”

Chernobyl Disaster… Still Now It`s In Our Hearts

(Opinion essay)

On April 26, 1986, a terrible event took place – the Chornobyl disaster, which claimed the lives of many people and continues to harm people with its consequences.

The Chornobyl disaster will remain the only radiation disaster of Ukraine…Right?

(opinion essay)

Everyone says, “If Chornobyl had not happened…”, but what would have happened then? What would the world have been without this catastrophe? Right, blind to the end, though in part. Because it was the Chornobyl disaster that allowed other countries to finally understand that “everything that happens in the Soviet Union remains in the Soviet Union.” Whether its citizens want it or not.

The Chernobyl Disaster


On the night of April 26, 1986, two explosions occurred at the fourth power unit of the Chornobyl NPP, which completely destroyed the reactor. The explosion started a fire, and the air was contaminated with radioactive substances, the eruption of which was stopped only at the end of May 1986.

A Golden Apple Just Like Wine

(short story)

Have you ever heard of a fairy garden? In fact, it is quite easy to get into it. Close your eyes. At first, there will only be darkness in front of you. But later, you will notice how something colored appeared. A washed-out spot. Go to it. The closer you get, the clearer the images will become.

8 Tips for Success with Job Interview


A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the right preparation, you can deal with it and find your dream job. Here are 8 essential tips to help you be excellent in your next job interview. These tips will guide you towards interview success.

Learning New Hobbies Online: How E-Learning Has Revolutionized Personal Growth

(blog article)

The advent of e-learning has opened up a world of possibilities for personal growth and development. With online platforms offering courses and tutorials on everything from cooking and painting to coding and entrepreneurship, anyone with an internet connection can acquire new skills and pursue new passions. Here, I would like to explore how e-learning has revolutionized the way we approach hobbies and personal development.

I study outside the university and do not miss opportunities

(blog article)

I thought I didn’t like to study, but covid brought such a miracle to my life as distance learning.

Discovering Your True Self: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

(blog article)

Self-discovery is a journey that everyone goes through in their lives. It is a process of self-discovery in which a person seeks to understand his or her true identity, values, beliefs, and purpose in life. It is a challenging but rewarding experience that requires self-analysis, self-reflection, and a willingness to change. In this article, we’ll look at some tips to help you find yourself and live a fulfilling life.

The Benefits of E-Learning

(blog article)

The internet has revolutionized the way we learn new things. E-learning has become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. With the ability to learn from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, e-learning has made education more accessible than ever before. In this article, I will try to explore the benefits of e-learning when it comes to learning new hobbies.

In Search of Myself

(blog article)

In my 20 years of life, I have tried different activities and hobbies for myself. I went to art school, did karate, swimming, dancing, loved collecting puzzles, sewing stuffed toys, beading, making candles and soap, writing poetry and prose, and blogging.

Revolutionizing Education: The Power of E-Learning 🎓

(blog article)

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the amazing world of e-learning and why it’s so comfortable for students like us.

E-learning: A new way to education

(blog article)

Hey, guys! Today I want to share with you a riveting topic – e-learning. In a world where technology is developing rapidly, e-learning is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable way to acquire knowledge. Let me tell you about the benefits of this new path to education.

The Transformative Power of Music: Unleashing Emotions, Enhancing Well-being

(blog article)

From the rhythmic beats that make us want to dance to the soul-stirring melodies that bring us to tears, music has an incredible ability to touch our hearts and minds. It transcends language and cultural barriers, resonating with us on a deeply emotional level. In this blog article, we explore the transformative power of music, diving into how it influences our emotions, enhances our well-being, and connects us to the world around us.

10 reasons to visit Barcelona, ​​Spain


Barcelona fascinates and tempts many tourists from all over the world. This city attracts even from the sky, when beautiful landscapes can be seen already from an airplane. Walking through cozy districts and streets with interesting architecture, you can truly feel the spirit of the city and fall in love with the capital of Catalonia.

‘Vivat’ Publishing House Keeps On Working

(opinion essay)

On May 18, an online meeting was held with Olena Rybka, the leading editor of contemporary Ukrainian literature at the Vivat publishing house, where Olena talked about the difficulties of organizing the publishing house’s workflow during a full-scale invasion. The publishing house, located in Kharkiv, suffered a great loss – the loss of the main office, and the employees were forced to work everywhere: in the subway, at home, in shelters, etc. Olena Rybka talked about her life path to the position of a leading editor and gave advice to students who dream of a career in publishing.

Piano: A Source of Joy and Creativity

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Playing the piano is a hobby that has been enjoyed by many people for centuries. I can`t imagine my life without it too. It is a great way to express oneself creatively, and to relax and unwind after a long day. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, the piano hobby can bring immense joy and satisfaction to your life.

‘Eric’ by Terry Pratchett

(Book Review)

It’s a road trip through different eras with a demon magician and a slightly lustful 13-year-old boy who has a slightly wrong idea about life. Here we will see the Stone Age and antiquity, the creation of the world and life after death, the Devil and the Creator.

‘Kapuchyn’ Publishing House


The publishing house plans to publish literature on the history of art (a branch of art history, the subject of which is the study of the laws of the development of the arts from the time of their birth to the present) and on modern trends and trends in the development of the arts.

What publishers are preparing for readers in 2023

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In 2023, Ukrainian publishers, at least in the segment of translated literature, will focus on fantasy. The already popular series will be continued, and new magical stories will win the hearts of young readers. There will be works of art that will touch on difficult but important topics that should not be kept silent in front of children, for example, about cancer or phobias. A separate thematic series will consist of publications dedicated to emotions and how to manage them. Ukrainian children live in the realities of war and need books that will help them overcome losses, fears and anxiety. See the list for more detail and variety.

Ukrainian mavkas. Who are they and how not to confuse them with mermaids?

(opinion essay)

Let’s start with a simple one: mavkas are natural spirits, they live in completely different places; in the forest, in the field, in the meadow etc. The name of these magical creatures comes from the word “Nav” (according to the beliefs of proto-Ukrainians, this is the name of the lower world – the place where people go after death and from where, after rebirth, they return to Yav – the real world). Close relatives of mavkas are mermaids, but there is a difference between them. Mermaids are spirits and guardians of the entire water element.

The Wacky World of Job Interview Etiquette: A Guide for Business Companies


Ah, the job interview — a nerve-racking yet exhilarating experience for both the interviewee and the interviewer. It’s the dance of first impressions, where employers try to find the perfect fit for their company, and candidates attempt to prove they’re more than just a fancy résumé. But let’s be honest, folks, some job interview etiquette can get downright wacky. So, let’s dive into the comical world of business companies and their peculiar interview customs.

Unconventional Encounters: Job Interview Etiquette in Ukrainian Business Companies

Job interviews can be quite an adventure, especially in Ukrainian business companies. They often involve a unique blend of professional decorum and unexpected twists. While many articles offer serious advice on interview etiquette, let’s take a lighthearted approach to this topic. Ukrainian business companies have their own distinct characteristics, which can be humorously explored.

Spell Library and Journey of Exploration

(short story)

Oksana, a curious student, stumbled upon a flier advertising a secret midnight adventure in the forgotten library. Intrigued, she joined Professor Magnusenko and a group of fellow thrill-seekers.

“Learn for fun, live life and donate funds to our Army. Ukrainian Armed Forces, Forever!”

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Since I am already finishing the 3rd year of my student life, I have some advice for you.

‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.’ A masterpiece?

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Probably most of my subscribers are familiar with the novel ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,’ written by Jonathan Safran Foer. Even if you haven’t read it, you’ve probably seen the review on my Instagram page.

Where does the Russian Federation take Ukrainian children?


Forced deportation is one of the forms of genocide of the Ukrainian nation.

‘The Case of Vasyl Stus’ by Vakhtang Kipiani

(book review)

The book ‘The Case of Vasyl Stus’ by Vakhtang Kipiani is an incredibly important and enlightening work dedicated to the life and work of the renowned Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, as well as his political struggle against the totalitarian regime.

‘Career without drama and trauma’ by Anna Mazur and Nastya Pasenko

(book review)

Hi, guys! We haven’t heard for a while. I’m sure you missed me. Thus, I have a new book to read for you. It will be interesting for people who begin finding their dream job and for people who don’t like their job. It’s called ‘Career without drama and trauma.’ Furthermore, it has been written by Anna Mazur and Nastya Pasenko.

Soul of the Desert

(short story)

High, in black, as if made of silk sky, the stars burned brightly, illuminating the way. A man was walking in the desert. His red cloak stood out as a bright spot against the background of dark sand hills. Green hair occasionally poked out from under the hood.

Logical and scientific paradoxes that have not lost their relevance

(opinion essay)

Paradoxes have occupied scientists and amateurs since ancient times, inflaming the imagination and causing ongoing controversy. Some of them only seem paradoxical, since the answers to them are contrary to common sense; others have not yet been resolved or cannot be resolved in principle.

Photography As a Form of Art

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Photography is a powerful and easy art form that has turned upside down the way we capture, share, and remember the world around us. In this blog post, we will explore the many aspects of photography and its importance in our lives.

Exploring the Flavors of Ukrainian Cuisine

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Hey foodies! Are you ready for a culinary adventure? Today, let’s dive into the rich and diverse world of Ukrainian cuisine. ??✨

“I’m not doing enough”, − Thoughts of wartime

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Do you feel that you are not doing enough for our victory?

‘What is the difference?’ And its impact. Ukrainian music or russian…

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Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on for a year now. The majority of conscious Ukrainians have long since given up everything russian, but some people still continue to consume the content of the enemy and say “what’s the difference?”.

How To Get Hired Without Having Worked Before


I don’t know, actually. But I have some tips on how you can look like a worthy candidate in the eyes of an employer. Write a functional resume that focuses on your professional skill as opposed to work experience. Grab a pen and take notes!

Peculiarities of life in Belgium and its capital — Brussels

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What do you know about Belgium? You probably immediately thought of fries, Belgian waffles and Grand Place. Well, there’s a lot more to this place that you don’t know yet, so let’s talk more about the capital of Belgium — Brussels.

Defeats Harden Us

(opinion essay)

All people have their own life paths. It’s undulating, crooked, and full of ups and downs. Every trap that makes some parts of our lives difficult and sad doesn’t lie at our feet for nothing. So, not all of us are born with stable moral values and priorities in life. It’s failures that teach us to appreciate what we have, it’s failures that open our eyes to something and it is failures that make us a true winner.

Etiquette. Does it really exist? Perhaps it is an irrational invention

As soon as you hear the word “etiquette”, you immediately start thinking about various balls, royal receptions and the behavior of refined people at this event, and this is what we consider etiquette. But that was before. What can we consider etiquette now? Does it really exist?

Сrisis Situations

(opinion essay)

Crisis situations can be a test for people and organizations. But they can also be an opportunity for change and improvement.

Sea of Suits

(miniflash story)

In the heart of the city, a “sea of suits” hurried along the bustling streets.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

(miniflash story with situational irony)

The pen1 is mightier than the sword, or so they say. But for Leo, his pen was his sword.

Let`s paint together…Let`s Heal War Scars

(opinion essay)

The role of art in our lives is difficult to overestimate. It helps us find a common language, understand the world and open new horizons.

Meditation in War Time

(opinion essay)

Meditation is a means to relieve stress and improve well-being. It helps to focus on the moment and free the mind from negative thoughts.

Cursed Cabin

(adventure story)

In the depths of an ancient forest, a lone traveler named Alex found himself lost on a moonless night. The dense canopy of trees blocked out all traces of light, leaving Alex surrounded by an eerie darkness. A sense of unease crept up their spine as strange whispers carried through the air.

Adventure Map

(short story)

In a small coastal town, a young girl named Lily discovered a hidden treasure map while exploring an old attic. Filled with excitement and curiosity, she embarked on a thrilling adventure to find the treasure.

Choosing and Developing a Career

(opinion essay)

A job is an important part of life for everyone. Some people choose such a job where they can earn a lot of money and have associated remuneration and get a valuable pension scheme. At the same time, many people desire to have a job which gives them pleasure and comfort, not thinking a lot about money.


(miniflash story)

Education! It is the key to success and development of society.

Three May Keep a Secret…

(miniflash story)

Samantha sat at the coffee shop, sipping her latte and scrolling through her phone. She had arranged to meet her two best friends, Rachel and Emily, to catch up on old times.

The Researcher

(miniflash story)

And finally, after so many years, standing on the threshold of the greatest discovery that will turn the world upside down, I am overwhelmed with pride and confidence.

Museum of Absurd Wonders: Where Art and Imagination Collide

(absurd miniflash story)

In the museum of curiosities, paintings whispered secrets, statues performed ballet, and visitors floated in mid-air.

He Is Not Alone!

(miniflash story)

A small experimental robot lived in a distant galaxy. His mission was to explore new planets and collect data.

Nature, Kakhovka, Fury

(miniflash story)

Nature is the greatest treasure we have. It provides for our needs and gives us beauty and harmony.

Old Scars

(miniflash story)

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an orange glow over the ancient ruins, memories of battles fought and treasures won flooded the mind of the Veteran Warrior. The scars on his body were reminders of the fierce battles he had endured. He had come a long way from the wide-eyed adventurer he once was…

Unicorns and Squirrels

(absurd miniflash story)

In the mystical land of Zephyria, unicorns wore top hats and squirrels played trumpets. Rivers flowed with lemonade, and clouds transformed into cotton candy. But one day, a talking potato declared itself a king, and the absurdity reached new heights. The realm embraced the whimsical chaos, for normalcy had no place in Zephyria’s enchanting absurdity.

The Hidden Passage

(miniflash story)

Amidst the ancient castle’s walls, a murder puzzled Inspector Grey. The butler, Walter, with his shifty eyes, became the prime suspect. Yet, as the investigation deepened, a forgotten portrait revealed a hidden passage — a secret escape route used by the real culprit, throwing suspicion off Walter and into the shadows.

Talk Like in Older Days

(flash story)

As he walked into the crowded coffee shop, John noticed a man sitting alone at a table with a sign that read “No free wifi, talk to each other like in the olden days.” John smirked at the irony of the situation, as he pulled out his smartphone and sat down at a nearby table. He scrolled through his social media feeds, barely acknowledging the other patrons around him.

Just One Morning

(short story)

She watched as the sun slowly rose above the high-rise buildings, painting their tops in golden-peach hues. The cool air burned her lungs a little with each breath, and the rough railing of the bridge she was standing on scratched the inside of her palm a little.

SCROLL will change the world!

(fantasy flash story)

A distant land was full of magic and magical creatures. The young magician Lorenzo went in search of an ancient scroll that could change the course of history. During his journey, he met a dragon who became his ally.

Unfair Сonfession


In the depth of the night, when darkness cloaks the world, I emerge as both a savior and a thief. A crown of shadows adorns my head, and I am the orchestrator of chaos, the voice of the dispossessed. For I am the leader of a gang of robbers, driven by a purpose far greater than personal gain.

The Perils of Professional Procrastination

(short story)

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived a legendary procrastinator named Larry Laziness. Larry was a master of the art of doing nothing, and he took immense pride in his ability to postpone every task until the last possible moment.

Don`t Go To The Trolls Tavern

(miniflash story)

Once I went to a troll tavern. It was a large building, under the roof of which the entire robbery world of Magladonia gathered: dwarves, mermaids (with legs, surprisingly), elves, fae, and of course trolls.

Whimsical Tea Adventure

(absurd miniflash story)

In a world where pigs flew and trees had feet, Bob found himself trapped in a giant teacup. As the clouds rained marshmallows, he sipped tea with a talking cat. The absurdity of it all made him question his reality, but he couldn’t help but enjoy the whimsical tea adventure.

Dangerous Football

(short story)

Today my friends and I decided to play soccer. The weather was beautiful outside: the sun was shining brightly, but the wind was cool, so it wasn’t hot. I decided that I would stand on the goal.


(anime review)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, also known as “Evangelion” or “Eve,” is an iconic mecha anime series directed by Hideaki Anno and produced by Gainax. That anime is still able to make the audience fall in love with it since its debut in 1995.

451 degrees Fahrenheit

(book review)

‘Fahrenheit 451’ is a cult science fiction novel written by Rae Bradbury. The book offers readers fascinating and vulnerable reflections on the importance of freedom of speech, critical thinking and a responsible attitude to literature.

‘Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow’

(book review)

Sam Mazer and Sadie Green are Los Angeles brains who were once friends and hung out in the same circle. One cold December day, after a break in communication for several years, they accidentally meet on the subway platform. Sadie gives Sam a disc of her video game, and Sam goes through it and suggests improvements. Against the background of Sadie’s personal drama, their passion for games brings them back together, and they later create the popular Ichigo game, start their own company, and become rich before graduating from their college.

The Thirst

(miniflash story)

In the magical land of Puritania, there lived a valiant guy. One day, walking through a forest full of balloons, he met a goat in a hat.

How to regain motivation to learn after online learning


The past year has been difficult for me and many other students who have been forced to switch to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The usual rhythms of life were disrupted, and many students lost motivation to study. However, with a gradual return to normal life, it is possible to find ways to regain motivation to study.

How to keep yourself feeling good during work negotiations

(opinion essay)

As far as I know, talks about work and negotiations can be very stressful. But if you know a few tricks, you can keep your cool and maybe even crack a few jokes to lighten the mood. So I can share several of them from my own experience.


(flash story with bathos)

“But Ive always loved you unconditionally. Even after I found out you had crush on another girl. Even after you started to have a relationship with her secretly, and didnt stop me from appearing my love to you with words, presents, hugs. Even after you said that she became your girlfriend… Only you`ve been on my mind all the time. And it is still you, whom I love as much as possible”, while she was saying this, hot tears were streaming down her face.

Lost Key

(short story)

It was a normal Monday morning when Sara woke up to get ready for work. At night she had a nightmare of being chased by some maniac…Fortunately, somebody saved her…She went about her usual routine: showered, dressed, and had breakfast. As she was about to leave the apartment, she realized she couldn’t find her key. She looked everywhere, but found nowhere. Sara was already running late and began to panic. She couldn’t leave her apartment without finding the key.

Advantages and disadvantages of working at home


Working from home has become popular in recent years. The coronavirus, the bloody Russian-Ukrainian war…However, this has become possible thanks to the development of technology that allows people to work from anywhere with access to the Internet. Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before choosing between working in an office and working from home.

Job Interview Etiquette in Ukrainian Business Companies

(opinion article)

A job interview in Ukraine is both a victory and a great test. It reminds me of Pandora’s Box: it’s exciting what will happen there, but it’s also terrifying to think about WHAT will actually happen.

Ultraproductive Job Interview

(dialogue style short story)

A respectable office. The recruiter taps with a golden pen. The candidate shifts nervously in his chair.

‘Green-skinned: The Return of Nature’s Magic’

(fairy tale)

In a faraway world, in the city of Planetalia, there lived small magical creatures known as the Greenskins. They were responsible for caring for the plants and maintaining the balance of nature. But one day, their magical essence was devalued.

Unforgettable Student Life in a Dormitory on Mykhailo Boichuk Street

(flash story)

At 35 Mykhailo Boichuk Street, in the very center of Kyiv, there is a wonderful campus. It is a place where students from various universities live and study, including the prestigious Borys Grinchenko University.

Unintentional Theft. About Mindfulness and More

(flash story)

This story happened in my life on one of those September days when you spend half a day in study hall. And the rest of the time you spend rehearsing with your classmates.

Facts are Lying, She`s not Dead

(short story)

“Daughter, is it you? Are you really alive?!” the gray-haired king rose from the throne and spread arms to embrace his long-lost daughter.

A Golden Apple Just Like Wine

(short story)

Have you ever heard of a fairy garden? In fact, it is quite easy to get into it. Close your eyes. At first, there will only be darkness in front of you. But later, you will notice how something colored appeared. A washed-out spot. Go to it. The closer you get, the clearer the images will become.

I will always want you… maybe

(short story)

“But Arnold, I love you!” the girl shouted in despair. “Let’s go together! I’m ready to give up everything for you!”

A Culinary Discovery: Exploring English Cuisine and Sharing Borscht with Friends

(blogging article)

When I first arrived in England, I was eager to immerse myself in the local culture, and one aspect that fascinated me was the English cuisine. Having heard various opinions about it, I approached it with an open mind and embarked on a culinary adventure that would soon lead to a heart-warming experience of sharing my Ukrainian heritage through a pot of borscht.

The Importance of Recycling

(opinion essay)

Recycling is a crucial aspect of waste management that helps to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. It involves collecting, processing, and reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as waste. The process of recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which can contribute to environmental degradation and climate change.

The Boy Who Could Fly

(magic realism story)

In a small town on the edge of the world, there lived a boy named Max. Max was a curious and adventurous boy who loved nothing more than to explore the world around him. One day, as he was wandering through the fields near his home, he noticed something strange. His feet were no longer touching the ground.

Colors of People’s Emotions

(magic realism story)

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a dense forest, there lived a young girl named Virginia. She was a peculiar child, for she possessed a magical ability that allowed her to see the colors of people’s emotions. Whenever she looked at someone, she could see their emotions as a swirl of vibrant colors surrounding them.

The Rainmaker

(magic realism story)

In a dry and barren land, there was a man who could make rain. He would dance and sing, and the clouds would gather, bringing much-needed rain to the parched earth.

The Talking Trees

(magic realism story)

In a forest far away, there were trees that could talk. They would whisper secrets to each other, tell jokes, and sing songs.

The Flying Fisherman

(magic realism story)

Once upon a time, in a small fishing village, there was a fisherman who loved to fly. He would spend hours gazing at the clouds, dreaming of soaring through the sky.

United in Support: England’s Solidarity with Ukraine

(Оpinion Essay)

In times of crisis and in times of war, the strength of international solidarity becomes apparent. Ukraine, in recent years, has faced significant challenges on both political and territorial fronts. However, within the borders of England, a powerful wave of support has risen, demonstrating a shared commitment to democracy, peace, and justice. Being in the UK, I feel this support on a daily basis.

Floating Bridges is a Riveting Topic…

Especially after the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station`s Explosion

There are many striking topics in the world that can interest different categories of people. One such topic is the “phenomenon of floating cities.” This is a specific type of architecture used to build bridges and other structures on water. For Ukrainians, this topic turned into an urgent one after the dramatic blasting of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station in Kherson Oblast by Russian Armed Forces.

Pain. Blood. Strength. Hope

(Opinion article)

It is already 13 months of the war, which affected everyone, and 9 years of the war, which was “somewhere, far away.” The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station`s Explosion, Bucha atrocities, Bachmut bloodshed… Our soldiers are defending our country at the cost of their lives. They give us days without fear, the opportunity to sit in a cafe, meet with friends and hug our family.

Building a New Life: A Ukrainian Refugee’s Experience in England

(blogging article)

Leaving one’s home country and seeking refuge in a foreign land is an incredibly challenging and life-altering experience. As a Ukrainian refugee living in England, I have encountered a new world filled with opportunities, diversity, and a warm sense of acceptance.

Seven Months and Ten Hours

(blog article)

Among the tall pine needles that aromatically greet you in the vastness of the Khmelnytsky forests, you can see the blue-eyed Sluch River. In just ten hours, you will find yourself in the arms of the Khmelnytskyi open spaces, where your grandmother is waiting for you.

Football for Us, Soccer for Americans

(opinion essay)

I even don`t know why, but I am a fan of a couple of Ukrainian football clubs. This game just fascinates me like millions of people all around the world. ‘Why does it happen?’ I asked myself a dozen of times.

A Totally Normal Couple

(short story)

Cathy and Heath are a good couple, and they love each other a lot despite some of their differences.


Everyone feels the claws of war on their necks differently: it can strangle you or scratch, or even go deep into your throat – but no matter how it manifests itself, any of these manifestations is devastating. And mental wounds hurt just as much as physical ones. This story is just one more fragment of the great tragedy of the impact that war has on the psychological aspect of human life. This story is about one girls concerns caused by her parents changes.

Life Story. The True Call Is To Save…

(Literary journalism)

This is not a story from a famous motivator or an experienced philosopher. This is a story about a courageous young man who can proudly call himself a hero and a rescuer by calling.

Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Pablo Neruda. Why do we need literature?

(opinion essay)

Literature is the art of words, which reflects the life, thoughts and emotions of a person. This is the most expressive way of conveying one’s vision of the world. Literature has many genres, from classics to modern prose. But despite this, it always remains a means of expressing human feelings and thoughts.

‘I see you are interested in the dark”

(book review)

Hilarion Pavlyuk’s book ‘I see you are interested in the dark’ is a psychological detective story that reveals many secrets of the people living in the village of Buskiv Sad. This book is a unique and touching story that contains deep meaning and extraordinary emotions. Even for those who do not like to read such genres, I can confidently say that you will not be able to tear yourself away from the plot. The book also impresses how the author describes the special atmosphere of the area and shows the reader the authenticity of the mysterious village and its people. I was also struck by how the author combines reality and fantasy, which allows you to experience events and emotions together with the characters of the book. A book that reveals the essence of a person and a vision of the modern world.

The Hilarious Chronicles of Living in the Age of Self-Driving Toilets

(humorous story)

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around, for I have a tale to tell that will leave you rolling on the floor, clutching your sides with laughter. We are living in the age of self-driving toilets! Yes, you heard it right. The brilliant minds of technology have decided that what the world truly needs is a toilet that can navigate its way through your bathroom, ensuring you never have to lift a finger again. Oh, what a time to be alive!

Awkward Situation

(humorous short story)

Max saw two familiar girlish silhouettes standing in the hall of the magical school and immediately ran to them.

Humor in Ukraine. Ukrainian Humor!

(opinion essay)

How much has already been said about Ukrainian humor? How many humorous poems, stories, fables, and comedies have been written? But years pass, even millennia have changed, and humor does not disappear from the everyday life of Ukrainians and from literature! Humor helps us critically perceive reality, get out of difficult life situations, including war hardships, take life more easily and optimistically, and most importantly, ourselves.

Melodies Farewell: a Pianist’s Swan Song

(stream of consciousness)

The stage is bathed in a warm glow, the grand piano positioned at its center like a majestic queen. This is it, my last concert. The culmination of years of practice, dedication, and passion. The weight of the moment settles on my shoulders, mingling with a mix of excitement and nostalgia.

Industry of the future: the role of artificial intelligence in the economy

(opinion essay)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is changing the world. It is used in many industries, from manufacturing automation to medicine. AI can provide significant benefits that can lead to economic growth and increased employment.

Ukrainians in February 2022 and May 2023


Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues. For almost one year and a half, every day, every second, Ukrainians have been fighting for the right to live in a free country. During this time, each of us rethought our existence. I would like to tell how this period of time with the full-scale invasion changed the citizens of Ukraine, their self-identification and belief in victory.

Natalia and the Russian-Ukrainian War

(opinion essay)

Amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the lives of ordinary citizens have been greatly affected. For one woman, Natalia, life has become a constant struggle. She lives in a small village not far from Donetsk, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where the sounds of explosions can be heard daily.

10 Essential Tips for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is crucial for our overall well-being. From physical fitness to mental wellness, incorporating healthy habits into our daily routine can have a significant impact on our quality of life. In this listicle, I would like to explore 10 essential tips to help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Literature as Important Source of Knowledge

(opinion essay)

Literature is an important source of knowledge for every person. It plays an extremely important role in the development of personality, as it not only expands the worldview, but also helps to develop various mental and emotional qualities.

Volodymyr Ivasiuk, Ukrainian Falcon. Shot in Flight


Volodymyr Ivasiuk is one of the creators of Ukrainian pop music. An outstanding Ukrainian who lived only 30 years.

Yulia and Her Life During the Russian-Ukrainian War

(opinion essay)

The on-going war in eastern and southern Ukraine has taken its toll on the lives of millions of people. It has affected not only those who live in the war zone but also those who reside in other parts of the country. One such person is Yulia, a 34-year-old single mother, who lives in Kyiv.

‘The Case of Vasyl Stus’ edited by historian and journalist. Vakhtang Kipiani

(book review)

Writers and public figures were often persecuted in the Soviet Union. The Ukrainian author, Vasyl Stus, can be called perhaps the most vivid example of these events, when his entire life path and all his literary works speak of the identity and desire for the independence of the Ukrainian state.

Behind the Scenes of Greatest Myths

(book review)

You are wise,” he said.
“If it is so,” I said, “it is only because I have been fool enough for a hundred lifetimes.”
Madeline Miller, Circe

Frank Confession


Hi, I’m Anna and I’m the author of this book… This is my breezy confession… 4 chapters=4 worlds. All my emotions, psychological states and thoughts are collected here.

‘Misery’ by Stephen King

(book review)

The book ‘Misery’ by Stephen King, translated into Ukrainian, was published by the ‘Family Leisure Club’ publishing house. The binding is beautifully designed, in accordance with the plot.

Fire of Chornobyl

(book review)

‘Fire of Chornobyl’ is a very powerful book describing the disaster at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. The author, Serhiy Plokhiy, tells in detail about the events that led to the reactor explosion, as well as about the tragic consequences it had for people, animals and the environment.

‘The Unhoneymooners’ by Christina Lauren

(book review)

The Basics
Title: The Unhoneymooners
Author: Christina Lauren
Published: 2019
Publisher: Gallery Books — Simon and Schuster
Pages: 395
Format: Paperback
Genres: Fiction — Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary romance

‘Liya never cries’ written by Kat

(book review)

It was quite difficult to choose a work, so I decided to choose by title. I was interested in the title ‘Liya never cries’ written by Kat. For some reason, I decided that the work would be about a schoolgirl or student, but it turned out to be a story about an adult woman.

‘Pandora’s Box’ by Bernard Werber

(book review)

The events of the book take place in Paris, France. The main character, a history teacher, came to the hypnosis performance together with his colleague. The finale of the play was not very successful, and it was after it that the teacher’s life changed dramatically. He begins to dream, to see what he has not seen before. Get to know new eras and even parts of the world. New people in history, who are they? That day, at the hypnosis session, many new doors opened for the main character. After that day, his life changed and changed dramatically.


(book review)

‘MÅ GENERATION’ is a beautifully designed and meticulously curated artbook that offers a comprehensive look into the Italian rock band Måneskin. This book is not just for die-hard fans of the band, but also for those who are curious about the band’s journey and want to learn more about them.

‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes

(book review)

A resident of a small British town, Louise Clark, is looking for work after being fired from a cafe. She manages to get a job only in a wealthy family that needs a nanny for an almost completely paralyzed adult son. Before the accident, Will Trainor was an active and successful guy, a big fan of extreme sports, and the helplessness is so unbearable for him that he plans to turn to a Swiss organization that helps terminally ill people die painlessly. When Louise learns that her ward is preparing to commit suicide, she decides to awaken Will’s taste for life.

Heroes of Ukraine

(opinion article)

Since February 24, many ordinary Ukrainians have joined the fight against the common enemy – Russia. This terrorist country continues to kill the sons and daughters of Ukraine every day, sparing neither children nor adults.

Trends in the Modern Ukrainian Publishing Market

(opinion article)

The Ukrainian publishing business is changing. Many publishers are looking for new topics and formats. They also don’t forget to refer to international publishing cases and find out what modern readers are interested in. There are 6 trends in the modern Ukrainian publishing market:

Mariupol… Still Bleeding in My Heart


As I saw the first shots of the destroyed Mariupol, I thought that it seemed to me that there could not be such a huge scale of destruction. But no, it’s possible. In fact, the media does not write much about what really happened and is happening in this long-suffering city, so I decided to conduct my own small investigation.

Anna Khoma’s story ‘Light’

(story review)

Anna Khoma’s short story ‘Light’ was awarded a special distinction of inclusive short stories ‘Terra inclusion.’

Russia cannot be excluded from the UN Security Council

(opinion article)

But is it possible to give her the right to disregard the laws of the Geneva Convention?

How I went to Brugge Only for Half Price

(blogging article)

The first trip on my Erasmus was to Brugge. Whereas it was our first time, we didn’t know how their railways worked. When we checked our tickets, we thought that the price was for round trip tickets, for back and forth directions. However, when we were going to buy them, our friend said that it was only for one way. We were disheartened due to our expectation of a lower price. After several hours of making decisions, we decided to buy a ticket for 10 trips, because it cost cheap. We checked details and were sure that we did everything right.

What is Success?

(opinion essay)

Success is a quite subjective concept. Each person understands it in his or her own way. For some, success is a career. For some – happiness in the family, and the health of loved ones. Before, it seemed to me that success was something fleeting. Today it is there, and tomorrow it is not.

Molfarka…Light and Darkness

(action story)

I speak, you warrior who goes into battle, from prison, from death, from fire, from water, from a bullet, from a knife, and from any human, and not human sorcery.
For seven years, seven months, seven days, seven hours and seven minutes,
As you, our God the Father, created this world in seven days…

‘The Gift. 12 Lessons to Save Your Life’

(book review)

About author: Hungarian-born Edith Iva Eger was sent to Auschwitz, the horrific Nazi death camp, with her family as a teenager in 1944. Her parents died there, but she and her sister managed to survive. A few years after her release, Yeger and her husband immigrated to the United States. Celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of Viktor Frankl at the International Conference on Logotherapy, Edith Egger gave a keynote address. In her nineties, she made her debut with the book ‘Choice,’ and three years later, at the request of readers, she wrote ‘Gift.’

‘None of your dog’s business’ by Martin Yakub

(book review)

‘None of your dog’s business’ is a crime novel by modern Ukrainian author Martyn Yakub, who describes reality as very mysterious, keeping the reader in suspense until the very end. Nevertheless, the book is easy to read.

.Ivan Dzyuba, Lina Kostenko, Oksana Pakhlivska ‘Harmony through the longing of dissonances’

(book review)

Oksana Pakhlovska, one of the authors of this book, is the daughter of Lina Kostenko, and Ivan Dzyuba is a brilliant literary critic who is highly respected by the poetess. So I can tell from the cover that the book will be very personal and sincere. And I was completely right.

‘I See You’re Interested in Darkness’

(book review)

Today, I would like to share my thoughts on the Ukrainian book ‘I See You’re Interested in Darkness’ by Illarion Pavlyuk. The book is published by the Stary Lev Publishing House, has 664 pages and a hard cover. The book tells the story of Andrii Gaister, a criminal psychologist from Kyiv, who ends up in the village of Buskiv Sad. There he is surrounded by many secrets that he will have to deal with. ‘I See You Are Interested In The Darkness’ is a story about impenetrable human indifference and the darkness within us. About being honest with ourselves and the price we are willing to pay for forgetting. About sins that materialize and about atonement, more expensive than peace.

‘Martians on Khreschatyk’ by Vira Aheieva

(book review)

The book ‘Martians on Khreschatyk’ was published in 2023 by the Vikhola publishing house. The author is Vira Aheieva, a professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Her previous book about Ukrainian-Russian relations named ‘Behind the scenes of the empire’ was also a Ukrainian bestseller.

Cheerful and romantic: ‘Accidental Brides’

(book review)

If you like romantic comedies, this book is for you. Once upon a time, there were two twin sisters, Amy and Olive, who looked like two peas in a pod and had different personalities.

‘Conspiracy theories. How (not) to become a conspiracy theorist’ by Maksym Yakovlev

(book review)

Birds are fake, Australia doesn’t exist, and the number 39 is cursed. Sounds like ridiculous fiction that no one would ever believe, right? In fact, these are conspiracy theories that thousands of people around the world are convinced are true. This book written by Maksym Yakovlev is a thought-provoking work that delves into the world of conspiracy theories and offers readers a critical perspective on the subject. On the pages of it, international political scientist Maksim Yakovlev explores a variety of conspiracy theories and explains how conspiracy theorists see the world and what tools they use to put together their conspiratorial mosaics.

‘Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery’

(book review)

Life is not always good and happy. Sometimes, even the most experienced professionals can make mistakes. Sometimes, even “human heroes” can do nothing. The book “Do no harm: stories of life, death and brain surgery” is exactly about how variable life can be. Author, Henry Marsh, the star of world neurosurgery, tells us about his experience. He is a hero from time to time, but he is also a loser in other situations.

‘13 Novels’ by Jyrki Vainonen

(book review)

This is not exactly a Ukrainian book, but it is a book translated into Ukrainian. I hope that won’t be a problem.

‘Ukraine Diaries’ by Andrey Kurkov

(book review)

It is a powerful collection of journal entries that provide an intimate view of Ukraine’s recent history. Kurkov, a Ukrainian novelist and journalist, began keeping a journal in 2013, just as the country was on the brink of a political crisis that would ultimately lead to the Euromaidan revolution and the annexation of Crimea by Russia. In the years that followed, Kurkov continued to document the rapidly changing landscape of his country, from the war in the Donbas region to the ongoing struggle for democracy and human rights.

‘When Sakura Blossoms’ by Volodymyr Koval

(book review)

The most fickle thing is a girl’s heart…

‘Dream about Antarctica’ by Markiyan Prokhasko

(book review)

What are we on this planet for, if not to make our dreams come true? What can be more inspiring than the realization of the dreams of other people or even entire countries? Markiyan Prokhasko’s book ‘Dream of Antarctica’ is about this very thing – about the realization of a personal dream of a trip to Antarctica and about Ukraine gaining a well-deserved station on this continent – Akademik Vernadsky Station. Since childhood, the author has dreamed of getting to a place where there is still so much unexplored and unknown, where the images are more similar to those on other planets than to what we are used to seeing around us.

‘The Gray Bees’ by Yaroslav Melnyk

(Book Review)

“Our lives had been marked by a struggle for survival, but it was a struggle that had given us strength and resilience. We were like the gray bees that worked tirelessly to build their hive, never giving up despite the obstacles in their path.”
Yaroslav Melnyk

‘Fruitless Thoughts’ by Serhiy Zhadan

(Book Review)

Serhiy Zhadan is a prominent Ukrainian author whose works have gained a following both within Ukraine and internationally. His latest novel, ‘Fruitless Thoughts,’ is a powerful and poignant exploration of the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution.

Social responsibility of “Stary Lev Publishing House”


The concept of social responsibility in the context of business means that a firm/company operates to achieve its financial goals and, in addition, helps society. The idea is that businesses should combine profitable activities with activities that benefit society.

“Tech Giant XYZ acquires AI startup in $500 million deal”

(Business News Article)

Tech giant XYZ has announced its acquisition of AI startup, AI Solutions, in a deal worth $500 million. The move marks a significant step for XYZ in its bid to lead the AI industry.

The Interrogation

(Miniflash story)

Detective Danilo Andrienko entered the interrogation room and closed the door behind him, leaving the suspect, Zhora, alone in his presence. Placing a paper cup of coffee on the table, he offered it to the apprehended man in a gesture of goodwill. Despite knowing that Zhora was not the ringleader of the drug trafficking organization, he hoped to extract valuable information from him.

Ukrainian translation of the Geronimo comic has recently been published!


A Ukrainian translation of the Geronimo comic has recently been published, so today I will talk about a character known to children from almost all over the world.

How to Get Your Book Published

(Publishing business article)

Publishing a book can be a challenging and daunting task, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences for an author. Whether you are a first-time writer or an experienced author, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of getting your book published.

The impact of Coronavirus on Reading

(opinion article)

In the wake of the global pandemic, the publishing industry has seen a significant shift in the reading habits of consumers. When people stayed indoors to comply with social distancing guidelines, many turned to books as a source of entertainment, escape, and education.

‘The Dune’ – A Masterpiece of Epic Proportions

(film review)

Denis Villeneuve’s visionary adaptation of ‘Dune’ has set a new benchmark for science fiction cinema. With a remarkable ensemble cast, stunning visuals, and a thought-provoking narrative, this film is an absolute triumph that captivates from start to finish.

Doctor Strange: New Magic Era

(sci-fi film review)

It is impossible to defeat your demons.
All you can do is not make yourself a slave to them.


(anime review)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, also known as “Evangelion” or “Eve,” is an iconic mecha anime series directed by Hideaki Anno and produced by Gainax. That anime is still able to make the audience fall in love with it since its debut in 1995.


(adventure story)

A schoolgirl had just come home from school. She was exhausted, so she was putting off the things from her backpack with lower energy and enthusiasm than usual. Accidentally, her glance fell on some sheet of paper that fell off the shopper with books and notebooks.

Let’s Make Sushi

(action story)

The sound of steel clashing against steel echoed through the ancient courtyard, filling the air with an aura of intensity. The sun’s rays pierced through the leaves of cherry blossoms, casting fleeting shadows on the ground. Amidst this picturesque setting stood Lina, a seasoned samurai, her eyes focused and her katana held with unwavering determination.

Ordinary Walk

(short story)

‘I. Hate. You.’ Max heard his friend’s heavy breathing as they intuitively ran around the corner of some unknown building.

Funny Evening of Two Friends

(short story)

Two best friends from childhood meet every week in a cafe. And now Alice calls her bestie Katya to invite her to the cafe again.

Ruben Fleischer`s movie ‘Uncharted’

(film review)

‘Uncharted 2022’ is an American action-adventure film directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. The film tells the story of Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the ‘Uncharted’ video game series by Naughty Dog.

Unfair Confession


In the depth of the night, when darkness cloaks the world, I emerge as both a savior and a thief. A crown of shadows adorns my head, and I am the orchestrator of chaos, the voice of the dispossessed. For I am the leader of a gang of robbers, driven by a purpose far greater than personal gain.


(science fiction flash story)

“Look! I see a nest with someone`s eggs on a tree,” said Mykola and pointed at the find with his hand.

Once upon a time in Bissletown…

(fantasy absurd flash story)

In one rune realm of Nonsenseland, where gravity had a tendency to behave whimsically, there existed a village called Bissletown. This village was known for its eccentric inhabitants, who possessed the uncanny ability to transform everyday objects into sentient beings with a single touch.

Be Careful With Your Wishes

(sci-fi story)

Max was walking through the dark forest. His watch showed that it was only 7 p.m., but it got dark much faster in the mountains, so he had to hurry to set up camp at the top.


(flash story with sarcasm)

Two female friends were sitting in the café and discussing some topics while scrolling through Instagram.

Good job, my friend!

(Sarcazm short story)

The exam session was approaching. Students were preparing as best as they could: some were trying to overcome a mountain of debts, while others watched how they did it. The observers included the professors, who received a large number of emails (as if they were aggressively trying to get admitted to Hogwarts, and they were being stubborn about it). It all resembled a theatre: lengthy sonnets and monologues.

The Staff Meeting

(short story)

The sound of heels echoed in the corridor. A tall woman in a business dress walked swiftly past the large windows of the school. Her school. The headmistress approached the teacher’s office and stopped before the door, listening to the voices.

How to Get an “A” Grade Easily

(miniflash story with situational irony)

Not even half of the group was there. Everyone sat tensely, knowing that no one would be left unquestioned today. Sarah knew that nobody would raise his or her hand after Mr. Petrenko’s traditional “Will you speak at will or from the list?” and since she was the first one in the journal, she reluctantly raised her hand.


(flash story with irony)

“Have you eaten that rice cooked by our dear roommate?” one girl asked another.


(flash story with bathos)

“But Ive always loved you unconditionally. Even after I found out that you have crush on another girl. Even after youve started to have a relationship with her secretly, and havent stopped me from appearing my love to you with words, presents, hugs. Even after youve said that she is your girlfriend… Only you`ve been on my mind all the time. And it is still you, whom I love as much as possible,” while she was saying this, hot tears were streaming down her face.

Demanding Furry Friend

(Irony flash-story)

Kira, a self-proclaimed cat lover, walked into the pet store, determined to adopt a furry friend. She approached the counter and said to the salesperson, “I’m here to find the most demanding and independent cat you have. I just can’t wait to have a pet that ignores me all day long!”

The Grown-ups

(humorous story)

‘Are you mad at me?’ the voice of a dark-haired girl suddenly broke the silence of the room.

The Silent Observer

(Blog post with enthymeme)

It was a clear autumn day. The wind swayed the yellowed leaves, the sun peeked through the gray clouds, and the birds sang for the last time before flying away into the whirlwind. People were in a hurry with their business. Only the bank of the Rompelds was quiet. No customers were near the cash register, and no employees were visible either. Maybe today is a day off? Is it a holiday? Perhaps, the bank closed forever because it went bankrupt?

Cross-Stitching Without Itching

(blog post)

Hey guys! I remember my first purchase of an embroidery kit the other day: a snow-white canvas, bright threads, a vast scheme, and… I was confused because I didn’t understand anything about embroidery and expected everything to be simple. If you’ve also just started your journey into the world of embroidery, sit back and take notes: I’m going to tell you the perfect alternative-mine choices!

The Drama King

(short story)

His eyes were filled with anger. The man was clenching his teeth so hard that they creaked like old chains, but he didn’t pay any attention. As if on cue, a flash of lightning tore through the sky outside the window and a loud boom of thunder rolled through the city, making the crystal glasses in the apartment clink with fear.

Three Spades

(short story based on real events)

The last February day in north Ukrainian woodland was worried and wintry; the weather responded adequately to the atrocious and wacky war approaching Kyiv all of a sudden.

Can Food Be Like Lego Elements?

(Blog Post)

Hey guys, miss me? I’m back with a new bunch of tips. If you are currently on a diet or simply transforming your way of eating from “Eat-what-I-want-but-it-doesn’t-work ” to “Balanced”… then close the microwave and sit more comfortably!

‘Duma Key’ by Steven King

(book review)

Life is like Friday on a soap opera. It gives you the illusion that everything is going to wrap up, and then the same old shit starts up on Monday.”
Stephen King, Duma Key 

The Game

(short story)

There were four people at the table. One seat was empty. Tension sparkled in the air.


(flash story)

“Are you going to drink something?” she asked.

Big-League Books For Reflecting On War

On April 26, 2023, the curator of the LITOSVITA portal, Mykyta Mazur, gave us a special lecture on “Ukraine’s book market during the war,” and provided us with recommendations for reading that would help us understand and better cope with the ongoing conflict. Here are the three books he suggested:

Kharkiv Publishing Houses During the Russian-Ukrainian War

(opinion essay)

A few weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, domestic publishers resumed work again, not only in relatively peaceful regions, but even in cities under constant shelling. Their teams have traveled around the country and the world, they not only work on new books, but also find the opportunity to send copies to their customers.

Book Plans of ‘Nebo BookLab Publishing’

Many people know that Nebo BookLab Publishing is a young creative association of illustrated, fiction and fantasy literature for children, teenagers and adults. Nebo is still a fairly young publishing house, but this does not prevent it from gaining more and more new fans every year with its book releases.

One Spring Lecture

(opinion essay)

On April 24, students of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University had a wonderful opportunity to attend a lecture by Mykyta Mazur. It was nice to listen and talk about current topics that most of us were interested in. For example, about the scandal with Spartak Subota or the scandal with the General Director of the Yakaboo bookstore, Ivan Bohdan, for his sexist remarks.

Mykyta Mazur, Publishing Market, Lecture, Ukraine

(opinion essay)

On April 24, 2023, I had an opportunity to listen to a lecture by a professional working in the publishing industry, namely, a lecture by Mykyta Mazur.


(miniflash story)

Wherever I’m going to go, I feel that freezing anxiety down my spine.

‘Guards! Guards!’ by Terry Pratchett*

(book review)

To begin with, lets talk about the plot. To avoid spoilers as much as its possible, we will discuss only the structure of this story. The tale begins in a typical for T. Pratchett way: a bit of mystery, a little caricature of a common cliché for a fantasy – just enough for readers to nearly skip all the boring preparations for the main story. After that, everything goes as it`s supposed to go. The intrigue, the pressure is rising, a culmination and an open ending. An old good classic story, neither more, nor less.

The First World War and the World Publishing Business

(historical essay)

In my opinion, the present day Russian-Ukrainian war has a lot points resembling the First World War. It relates to the publishing business problems too. So, let`s remember as it was more than 100 years ago…

Book Review of Mike Omer’s book ‘Mind of a Killer’

The ‘Mind of a Killer’ is the first book in Mike Omer’s famous trilogy about forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley. In Ukraine, the book was translated and published by Bookshef publishing house in 2021 in the detective thriller genre.

The impact of the war on the publishing market of Ukraine

(opinion essay)

In our country, tragic events have been going on for more than a year. The bloody war took many lives of Ukrainians. Of course, the war affects all areas of the country’ s economy. And the publishing market is no exception.



Hi, darlings. Welcome back to my Star Child Blog.

How To Get Hired Without Having Worked Before


I don’t know, actually. But I have some tips on how you can look like a worthy candidate in the eyes of an employer. I guess it is a good idea to start with a functional resume that focuses on your professional skills as opposed to work experience. Grab a pen and take notes!

How to Find the Wanted Book in Unexpected Places

(Blog Text)

Hi guys, I’m gonna tell you a story that has happened to me recently. I guess you had the same issue (but now I have found the solution, hurray!). Have a seat and bring your magnifiers!

How to Read Books Properly

(Blog Text)

Hey everyone! Are you sure you are reading the books correctly, aren’t you? Today I would like to share with you my reading habits. If you are a bookworm, then this text is written for you! Of course, I don’t consider my actions to be universal, but I believe they can be useful to you, too. So, let’s go!


(Detective story with an Eureka moment)

Detective Morgins was in a bad mood. He was assigned to solve the theft of the ancient Gospel from the church, but he had no evidence. The thief did not leave any new “fingers” or footprints. The department was desperate, with rumors circulating that this would be Morgins’ first unsolved case and that the case would be assigned to a junior specialist.


(Miniflash story with an amateur sleuth)

In the police department, the old postman is rewarded for the cooperation. The local journalist decided to find out the details firsthand.

Easter Miracle

(short story based on real facts)

No valor, no victory.”
(Unknown Ukrainian soldier)

Alexander, a twenty-six-year-old sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was in a coma for almost six hours. A six-foot big shoulder guy, a former champion of Ukraine in single scull rowing, a former A-student at a Mykolaiv college, a former police officer with a good record, was heavily wounded by a tank shot not far from Bakhmut. Three times he got away with minor injuries; this time he lost his leg…

A Black Сat’s Present

(foreshadowing flash story)

The sun was setting over the quiet suburban street, casting long shadows across the neatly trimmed lawns. Lina stepped out of the car, grateful to be home after a long day at work. As she walked towards her front door, she noticed a small black cat darting across the street, disappearing into the bushes.

Meeting of the Old Friends

(Fantasy short story)

The week flew by quickly. Somehow, even too fast. It was necessary to gather herbs, brew the promised elixirs, and replenish supplies before a new adventure. Vayana was throwing some things in the bank vault so that her favorite glasses did not disappear anywhere…

Vampire’s Kiss

He appeared quite unexpectedly. She didn’t scream, but jumped up from behind the computer, dropping her powder. She scattered and in the white dust, he finally turned up in front of her.

How to Outwit the Publisher and Publish a Book Profitably


Happy moment: Your manuscript has been accepted! As long as the euphoria lasts, you must remain vigilant, because now a difficult process is coming: the discussion and conclusion of the publishing contract. In order not to be deceived, we recommend reading these few tips.

Adventure Beginning

A woman with fiery hair scrambled through the bushes on her way to the lake.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy: From Comedian to President


“I do not play a role. I feel good being myself and saying what I think”
(Volodymyr Zelenskiy)


(magic realism story)

The curtains close the window tightly, preventing the sun from entering the room. A pleasant twilight reigns inside. Someone might think about this place as cold, dark, and obnoxious, but for Marie, room number 707 is a familiar habitat. She is really accustomed to its cool unwelcomeness, dark aloofness and her reclusive roommate who didn`t reflect in the mirror.

Unusual Guests

(magic realism story)

Crowley and Aziraphale are the main characters of ‘Good Omens’ by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

SShe raised her head in silence and looked at the endless line of stairs that disappeared somewhere far above. Why is this damn day getting worse by every minute?

Friend of Shadow

(miniflash story in magical realism)

She is an ordinary nerdy student that prefers spending time alone and has no friends. Being quiet, calm, and observant, she`s so concentrated on her studies that nothing else makes a difference for her. If you greet her, she keeps silent; if you ask her, “Fancy a cinema after the lessons?” she says, “Sorry, I am busy today.”

Wojciech Tochman’s ‘Like Eating a Stone’. Hard-to-Touch Book

(Book Review)

I got this book precisely one year after the full-scale invasion began. And it was the wildest thing to do that day. After the tortured bodies in Bucha and Irpin’, I understood what the reportage collection Wojciech Tochman’s ‘Like Eating a Stone’ was about.

‘How Ukraine lost Donbas’ By Denys Kazanskyi Maryna Vorotyntseva

(Nonfiction Book Review)

Strange, but a fact. The population of the region, which suffered a terrible decline, instead of seeking punishment for the real culprits of the closure and looting of enterprises, suddenly directed their anger at completely different people, who were not guilty of anything…The real architects of the protracted depression, due to whose fault miners burned themselves alive and entire cities turned into ruins, were considered “patriots of Donbas” and honorable citizens of mining towns…
©How Ukraine Lost Donbas

Old Gods, New Knives

“He promised you full amnesty if you agree to help us!” the girl got up from the chair and took a step to meet the elf. “Just a few days, and you will be free and will not have to hide in the shadows”.

The Best Non-fiction Books For Children


Non-fiction is a very popular genre for adults to read. Nowadays, reading takes on a more functional nature, the purpose of which is self-improvement and gaining knowledge. Therefore, non-fiction has spread to children’s literature. Here are some of my recommendations for children’s non-fiction books on current topics:

Trends in the modern Ukrainian publishing market


The Ukrainian publishing business is changing. Many publishers are looking for new topics and formats. They also don’t forget to refer to international publishing cases and find out what modern readers are interested in. In my opinion, there are 6 trends in the modern Ukrainian publishing market:

Between the Rear and War Front

In the morning fog, which stretches like a white blanket from the autumn river, I finally see the outline of the Mykolaiv bus station.



Everyone feels the claws of war on their necks differently: it can strangle you or scratch, or even go deep into your throat – but no matter how it manifests itself, any of these manifestations is devastating. And mental wounds hurt just as much as physical ones. This story is just one more fragment of the great tragedy of the impact that war has on the psychological aspect of human life. This story is about one girls concerns caused by her parents changes.

What Really Matters

(Political Satire Story)

Debate. The presenter impatiently waves a piece of paper from the heat. Spectators are tired of sitting for an hour in a row. The Conservative candidate looks discomposedly at his opponent. The speaker triumphantly drinks water, he “repelled” all verbal attacks and definitely won most of the voters.

There’s my Title: Recycle!

(Business Story)

Did you know that more than 40% of the world’s paper waste is thrown into landfills? So, unfortunately, one of the most easily transformable materials leaves twice as much carbon footprint.

A Delayed Letter From Kherson

(short story based on real facts)

One airless August day, Svetlana, a friendly Ukrainian woman in her late forties, who came from Kherson to Lviv as a refugee together with all her four children, scrolled her e-mail messages and noticed a delayed letter from her husband killed at a Russian checkpoint three months ago.

Korabel, Kherson. What did she do wrong in this world?


“My life without Kherson is just impossible, I live with this Ukrainian seaport in my heart,” Vadym, a savvy seaman from Kherson, who worked all his life as a chief mechanic on a variety of foreign ships, squatted at the bumper of his modern crossover. “Look, you see so many holes from mortar mines. The windshield is in cracks too… I got them just two days ago…”

What is it like to be a blonde girl?

(opinion article)

What is it like to be a blonde girl? We can often hear jokes about blondes. They are considered unintelligent, but funny enough. This makes these women appear more attractive to men. What is it like to be a blonde girl?

The Story of One Date

Once a potential boyfriend asked me out on a date.


(short story)

That sunny December day with sparkling snowflakes spinning slowly over war-tired Kyiv streets was too unbearable for Ann, a health-nut young woman in her early thirties, whose bob-style red hair sought sun rays and led her outdoors to feel the breeze of the Dnipro flowing nearby. Fortunately, Galya, one of her best female friends, had nothing against drinking coffee on the retro-looking river quay.

Streaming a New Story

(miniflash story)

“Open your eyes. Breathe fresh air. Listen to your heart.

Saint Nicholas from Oleshky

(short story)

The steady sound of train wheels moving from Kyiv to Lviv served as a meditative motif leading to relaxation. The young woman in her early thirties, looking like a firm femme fatale, caressed the curly hair of her two kids sleeping nearby.

Strangers From the Forest

(fairy tale)

In a distant kingdom there lived a girl named Mariana. She was very kind and sweet, and most of all loved to sing songs in the forest. Her parents were merchants. They often left Mariana alone with her grandmother, who hardly took care of her, so the girl spent most of her time alone. Once, when Mariana was walking in the forest, a horrible hund attacked her. The animal almost bit her, but suddenly someone shot the beast. Mariana’s face was covered in blood. She got up to see her savior and it turned out to be a young guy in wolf fur. He ran up to her.

Covid, Me and The Old Woman