Lost Wallet and Found Happiness

One day Vasyl was walking along the road with a cup of hot coffee in his hand and a backpack on his shoulder. Not to say that his day was wonderful, but rather “the same”: university “again”, annoying classmates “again” and boring teachers, though not all of them… Also “again.”

And so he would go to himself, whispering to everyone and frowning, until he found someone’s wallet. He picked it up from the ground, looked at it, then looked around. There is no one within a radius of one hundred meters.

“Maybe, I can take it away… It’s unlikely that anyone will come back for him anyway,” Vasyl thought to himself, he heard the hurried knocking of women’s heels approaching on the sidewalk.

“Thank God, you found it! I don’t understand how it fell out of the bag…”

“Is this exactly your wallet? What was in it?”

“My passport, credit card, student card, college photo and some cash. You can watch if you need.”

Vasyl looked inside this wallet. Everything was as the girl said; even the photo from her passport coincided with her own appearance.

“Hell…mama mia… Helma, it sounds like a northern or a Viking name…”

“Who knows what would happen if it fell into evil hands…”

“Do you think that I’m not these ‘evil hands?’”

“In fact, yes,” said the girl with a bright smile and carefully took the wallet from his hands.

“But why? After all, I could have robbed you in hush-hush peace…”

“But you didn’t do that. Even more, you also asked me if this is exactly my wallet and what is in it. So you wanted to give it to the owner back, didn’t you?”

Helma smiled warmly again, hid her purse in her bag and, thanking again, went to her side, while the boy remained standing in the middle of the sidewalk and thinking about what he heard. After a while he regained consciousness and caught up with the girl.

“I think it’s better for me to accompany you. Suddenly you lose your wallet again… Oh no, I’m not doing it for you. I just don’t have to do anything, because I left the university building a couple of minutes ago…How about a cup of coffee?’

In response, the girl just laughed softly and nodded in agreement.

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