Meow Superhero

(adventure miniflash story)

Yesterday, 9-year-old Masha was an ordinary girl, but today she is a real superhero. What changed her happened at night.

Yesterday she played a lot with friends, watched cartoons, danced the polka and hip-hop…In general, she had so much fun that despite her parents’ orders, she could not sleep.

Today, at night she stands at the window, dreaming and looking at the sparkling stars. And then suddenly Masha hears a husky meowing in the nearest park. They don’t have a cat. Hmm… Where’s that cat?

Masha looks for him, and here she sees glowing eyes on the tree. She decides to save the cat and goes on a ‘Mission: Impossible.’

Masha approaches the tree and at some point she feels the overwhelming fear, because the tree turned out to be much taller than she expected.

At that moment, Masha remembers the climbing lessons her father took her to. “Never look down! Never give up!” She goes to the garage for the rope.

She quickly climbs a tree, removes the hearty cat, which is scared to death but meows in a grateful way…

And from that moment Masha has got a faithful friend and the status of a SUPERHERO, and the cat does not have to spend one of nine lives yelling out in the park.

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