Maniac Man

(short story)

This story happened with my friend when she was visiting her relatives in the village. It was nearly the middle of the night so she put on her pajama and lay in the bed. Not long after that, she understood that someone is staring at her. She opened her eyes and looked over the room. When she looked at the window, she screamed loudly.

Her aunt fastly came into the room.
“Natasha, what happened? Why did you scream?”
“Theres a maniac man over the window, he was staring at me!”
“Nonsense,” the aunt looked at the window, “there isn
t anyone there.”
“Trust me! He was standing near the window! Come nearer and look!”
“Okay, but if you lying I will…” she stopped talking. Natasha was right. When she looked through the window, she saw a man.
Natasha thought her aunt would be as scared as she was, but her aunt just said:
“Valera? Is it you?”
“Oh, hi, Marina.”
“What are you doing here?”
“I came to give you the salt I borrowed yesterday.”
“Oh, okay, thank you. Good night, Valera.”
“Good night, Marina.”
To say that Natasha was confused — is the same as to say nothing.

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