“Chao non Ciao” Grinds the Indie Ladder with Esports Sponsorships

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Forget the triple-A giants, tiny dev shop “Chao non Ciao” is proving that killer games and smart partnerships can launch indies into the stratosphere. Led by the maverick Anton Cherevashko, the studio’s seen its breakout title, “Cybertronic Dreams,” go from niche to nightmarishly popular thanks to a baller esports sponsorship move.

“The indie scene is a loot fest,” says Cherevashko. “We knew we needed to level up our marketing game to get eyeballs on our mind-blowing ‘Cybertronic Dreams’.”

“Chao non Ciao’s” masterstroke? By slickly integrating in-game swag with popular streamers and hosting epic tournaments, they turned influencer marketing into a boss move, building a rabid fanbase for “Cybertronic Dreams.” This laser-focused strategy delivered legendary results. Downloads have gone from zero to hero, with a crazy 400% increase in the last quarter.

“Esports sponsorships are a total game-changer for indie devs,” says Cherevashko. “By aligning with the right champions and building a real connection with viewers, we’ve snagged a level of hype that traditional marketing wouldn’t touch.”

“Chao non Ciao’s” story is pure next-level for the video game biz. As esports goes full esports, these innovative studios are showing everyone how to win the game by working the new metavolution.

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