Hobbies…Even in the Time of War…Hobbies


From an early age, I loved to create something of my own: to write fairy tales, make applications, make toys and decorate the house with them. But most of the time I took an album for drawing and filled it with color illustrations — pictures that were born in my head by themselves.

My parents always encouraged my passion for creativity. No birthday was complete without a gift set of paints and colored pencils. At a young age, I was bought coloring books, then children’s drawing textbooks and art books. At the age of seven, I started attending art school, which I still go to. There I found friends and like-minded people who were as passionate about drawing as I was.

I like that you can create images with different tools. Usually, I use a pencil, brush and airbrush, but in the good mood I can take felt-tip pens, colored markers, chalk, ink. I have recently discovered how exciting, though unusual, it is to work with graphic editors on a computer.

Many ask that I like to draw the most. It is difficult for me to answer this question. I can only tell you about the difficulties that arise in the process of drawing.

For example, it is not easy to create a finished picture. This requires a lot of free time, and it, unfortunately, is often not enough. In this case, I just make sketches (also called sketches) — sketches of people, objects, animals or plants. In addition, it can be difficult to draw from memory and without motivation.

I admire the works of experienced artists.If I don’t have enough inspiration and it’s always hard to draw without it, I go to an art gallery with a special atmosphere. There I do not just relax, but look for ideas for personal creativity and learn from the masters.

All my children’s drawings are still kept in my family. Still now, even in the time of a bloody war, when I look at them, I feel proud of myself, because I have made such progress in drawing! Not to mention that this lesson has instilled in me many useful habits: attentiveness, perseverance, observation, as well as a critical, intelligent attitude to their work. So, I do advise you to follow some childish hobbies in spite of everything. To overcome stressful hardships, the happy moments of your life connected with hobbies will help you…

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