A stranger lives in my body…

(flash story)

Steve woke up tired. As always. His foot was handcuffed to the railing of the bed, and there were no marks on the sand, on the floor. So he hardly left the apartment that night. But the reflection in the mirror said otherwise. A bruise under his eye, disheveled hair and a hole in his pajamas, as if someone had cut it.

“What the hell?! Just not again,” Steve moaned desperately. “What time is it now? Maybe a day?”

He quickly got dressed, took one big sip of coffee and ran to the bus stop. When he came to the museum, to work, the manager flashed angry eyes at him.

“Why did you show up?”

“Why? Work of course, ma’am,” the man muttered.

“So you haven’t had to work all this week?” The headmistress asked sarcastically.

“I mean? I was yesterday…”

“You’re fired!” The woman screamed and slammed the door in front of him.

Steve was not surprised by this reaction, because it was not the first time he had woken up that day. It was as if he was falling asleep. But the beatings and scratches indicated that there was a second person living in him who turned off his consciousness and did whatever she wanted.

“Damn it, damn it. I need a psychologist!” The man grabbed his head.

“No need,” came from the puddle.

Stephen looked around, making sure there was no one on the street and that no one could say it and looked into the puddle.

His own reflection moved by itself and spoke:

“Listen, Steve, you’re not going anywhere. This will give us more trouble, and I can’t find the scarab.”

“I’m crazy, I’m really crazy. But who are you to order me? Just a stupid reflection.”

“You’re no less stupid if you go to a psychologist. I know you understand that you have a second person. My name is Mark. When you are unconscious, I’m looking for an ancient Egyptian artifact.”

“Why?! You’re ruining my life.”

“Not your dog’s business.”

Steve stomped angrily on the puddle. At one point he lost consciousness and because of the eternity of darkness was in bed. He did not know how he got here, but he guessed. And in his pocket lay a tiny scarab…

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