Finn walked through the woods, coming more and more into the thicket. It was getting dark, but it didn’t scare the boy. He needed to perform the rite when midnight comes. Suddenly he heard a rustle… tensed. An old sorcerer limped toward him. The stranger was looking for herbs for his potions. When the old man noticed the boy, he froze uncertainly. Finn was not confused, continued to smile and greeted:

“Good evening! Where are you going at such a time?”

“Good. I have some affairs here, and you, why are you here?” the white-bearded man relaxed a little and smiled.

“It’s the same,” the boy smiled back. Suddenly he looked closely. The old man’s face seemed familiar to him. When Finn noticed an amulet on the sorcerer’s neck, he remembered…

An unusual family lived in a prosperous town. All family members were werewolves. They lived peacefully among the people. They differed from civilians only in that they sometimes chose to hunt animals in the woods at night. Only the closest friends of the family knew about this feature.

At some point, people began to disappear from the town. Some bodies of the missing were found in the woods. So one day the sorcerer’s daughter disappeared. He was one of the friends of that family. With the beginning of the disappearances, the man suspected them and stopped communicating with them, and when his daughter disappeared, a very angry man broke into their house and killed everyone. Almost everyone. One boy managed to escape. He fled the town and swore revenge. That was Finn. And people did not stop disappearing.

The smile disappeared from the boy’s face. Hatred ignited in his eyes. The sorcerer was confused by this change of mood:

“Something is wrong?”

“Murderer!” Finn shouted and attacked the old man.

“Are you crazy?! What are you talking about?” the sorcerer shuddered.

“Don’t be silly, you bastard. You killed my family,” the boy hissed through his teeth.

And then the old man remembered. He began to beg forgiveness for being wrong. But there is nothing worse than betrayal. Finn turned into a werewolf and attacked.

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