(miniflash story)

Grandfather gave little Max a pebble; it was stunning and smooth. Max put it in his box of secrets and didn’t speak about it to anybody…

When Max was 17 years old, he was talking to a friend about preparing for the exam. Max was very worried about the exam. And the friend said that he would take the talisman with him in order to pass it well. But when Max was cleaning the house, he came across a box with secrets from his childhood. Inside the box he noticed the same pebble that his grandfather had once gifted him.

Max took it with him to the exam. He was preparing for it days in and days out, so the talisman was taken just for the peace of mind. However, there was one question on the exam which confused Max a lot. He got dead scared, took out a stone from his pocket and started spinning it nervously in his hands. Then he put it on the table and found out that the stone became brighter, as if it was glowing from the inside. Max marked the exact spot where the stone lay and took this option as the correct answer. In the end, Max got the maximum number of points on the exam, and also received his own magic mascot.

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